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3 Great Promotional Coffee Mugs

3 Great Promotional Coffee Mugs

What's the Best Promotional Coffee Mug?

With so many styles to choose from it's tough to pick the absolute best, but I do have a few to hopefully match your coffee drinking style. 

Let’s face it, most of us are coffee drinkers. As we start our busy mornings, it’s almost a routine. Race to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. True or not true, we love that boost of energy!

Do you have a few favorite mugs? I know I do. Many of my clients have ordered mugs to hand out at trade shows, so I wanted to share some popular picks to get you thinking about ideas for the upcoming trade show season.

Here are 3 of my Favorite Promotional Coffee Mugs


The traditionalist

Ceramic Cafe Mug

The good old fashioned ceramic mug doesn’t have to be boring! Almost every color is available and there’s always space to include your logo and tagline. Ceramic mugs are in most kitchen cabinets since they’re practical and inexpensive. What better way to have one-on-one brand time – and coffee with your client on a relaxing weekend morning!


Can't get enough

"El Grande" Mug

Looking for a larger cup? Think about this mug that you might see in a coffee shop or café. It’s bigger, holds more and you can take it to the office and label it your own. No more sipping lattes out of a paper cup when you can warm up and sip your favorite brew – in style!


Always on the go

Stainless Steel Tumbler

Travel mugs? With so many to choose from, here’s a keeper. It’s the stainless steel tumbler. It also happens to be one of my bestsellers! This mug holds 20-ounces of your favorite hot beverage and keeps it warm for up to 6 hours. I was curious, so I tested it out myself. It’s also is spill resistant, so if you sip and drive (like me), you won’t need to worry about coffee stains on your shirt, tie or dress.

Looking for something different?

We also have gift baskets, food gifts, candy and kitchen tools! 

Products of the Week!

Aroma Therapy Candle

Set the mood right with this elegant candle and feel your stress melt away. Our aromatherapy wax candle comes in a 6 oz. tin with lid, as well as a choice of multiple scents. Great gift for the holidays! Customize with an imprint of your choice and let your senses indulge in the sweet scents.

Golf Balls & Tees

Tee off your next great marketing campaign with this handsome golf gift! Featuring 2 golf balls and 8 biodegradable tees in a clear cylinder container, these uniquely packaged sets of custom printed, essential fairway gear are sure to score with any golfing crowd. Makes the perfect gift for the holidays, executives and other fans of the game. Just customize with a 1" spot color imprint to hand out at your next convention or tradeshow!

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