Branded Qi Wireless Chargers for Iphone

5 Awesome Branded Qi Wireless Chargers for Your New iPhone

Finally, new iPhones have arrived!

And, with new iPhones, come compatible branded Qi wireless chargers!

No more frantic searching for a plug when your battery is running low. This wireless technology, Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) allows charging over short distances without cables.

Think about the advantages!  First, it’s easy and quick to charge your phone wirelessly, and you don’t have to plug and unplug your phone 24/7. You just place your device on top of the charging pad and presto, the battery gets juice – without wires. Any Qi-certified charger should be able to charge an iPhone 8, 8 Plus or X in speedy time.

What else do I love? That they look so neat and clean. Plus, they solve problems, too.  You can charge your phone and use wired headphones at the same time to listen to your favorite podcast or tunes.

Take a look at the branded QI wireless chargers below and let us help you find the perfect one:


Mambo Qi Wireless Charging Pad

This awesome new charging device has above average space for your logo. Just connect your device to the charging station by placing it on top of this pad. Instantly your device will charge!


Zoom Wireless Charging Base

Our second favorite charger is this one. We love its sleek round look and it also comes in a few different shapes and colors. Clients will love how it coordinates with their brand.


Sleek Qi Wireless Charging Pad
If you’re looking to promote your company or services, check out this wireless charger and share your message or tagline in a big way. Have a new logo? This one could be perfect for you!


Qi Wireless Charging 4,000 mAh Power Bank
How about a wireless charger with Qi energy and a power bank, all in one! It’s a great device for when you’re on-the-go and you never have to worry about running out of battery life.


Slim Qi Wireless Charger Pad
Short on space? This slim wireless charger is a team favorite. Just drop it in and start charging.

Products of the Week!

2 in 1 Lightning Adapter for 3.5mm Headphones

Don't have wireless charging yet? Check out this cable with two functions. A 3.5mm lightning headphone adapter and a lightning charging port, so you can listen to music while phone is charging. Perfect for anyone with older iPhones and iPads. 

2 in 1 Lightning Hub for iPhone/iPad
The using your lightning headphones and charging your iPhone at the same time is difficult. This Lightning hub will allow you to enjoy music when your phone is charging. Highly recommended promotional product with logo printed or engraved.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Branded Qi Wireless Charger for Your Company or Employees? Let us help!