Why order promotional products from an expert (not online)?

In the age of Amazon and online ordering, most people are quick to Google the best deal on promotional products, then shop for the best price. That’s all well and good, but make sure you read the fine print because you’re not always getting what you bargained for.

Last week, I had a client who wanted mouse pads and she came to me with a “better deal” from an online provider. After reading the fine print and a little investigating, we found out that our pricing was 30% less expensive than the online provider. It’s easy to be lured in with a cost that seem too good to be true, but remember, apples are not always the same apples!

First, there’s typically no waiting after dialing an 800 number or being stuck in the queue of an online chat. If you’re working with a local expert, you’ll hopefully get immediate answers to your questions and aren’t frustrated by lack of response. You have their phone number –  office or cell, and email so you can call if you have questions. Chances are you won’t get the same rep if you’re dealing with someone online, and more than likely they don’t have decades of experience.

Online proofs can also be a challenge. Local vendors take the time to review a proof with you in person and make recommendations in your best interest. That’s not always possible with an online provider. And, if you need a fast turnaround, that’s typically not going to happen. What if there’s an emergency with your biggest client and the event is in two days away?  Who will drive the proof to your home to get sign off? And, who will call the president of the product company to get your order on press? My bet is the local expert.

As an experienced business owner and vendor, I understand that customers like speedy answers, but they also appreciate honest answers. An answer that’s thoughtful and detailed lets a customer know that you’re concerned with their particular problem and committed to solving it.

Now, I’m biased.  I’m a live, local expert with decades of experience in trade show and event management who sells promotional products to help clients brand themselves and promote their business.

When you call me, I’ll pick up the phone, brainstorm with you and offer solutions to solve your problem.  Collectively, the orders you place with me over many years will help pay my mortgage and put my kids through college.  And, that takes time.

Time is on my side when you order promotional products, branded premiums and custom staff wear.  I’ve worked with hundreds of marketing professionals and business owners like you, who don’t want to mess around with their time, money or image.

The choice is yours.  Website or human. I happen to love my work and seeing my clients succeed.