2018's Hottest Promotional Products

Trending: 2018’s Hottest Promotional Products

Looking for the hottest promotional products to really impress your clients this year?

Check out a few of this year's trendiest picks!

At your next event, display a few fun items that will draw attention and make you stand from the crowd. Start with a small amount of premiums on the table and build from there. Be sure to engage your prospects first, then give them a promotional item. Keep a special stash of higher end items under the table and use them sparingly to impress a potential lead. Make a lasting impression with your conversation, a targeted premium that they’ll surely love – and of course, don’t forget – the fortune is in the follow-up! 

2018's Hottest Promotional Products:

Drawstring Backpack

Be a hit of your tradeshow and giveaway a drawstring bag! Clients scout vendors who offer them as a premium and it’s a fantastic branding opportunity. Look up and down the aisles and see your logo – everywhere!

Foam Puzzle Cube

An interactive and fun stress reliever! Silkscreen your company’s message in one-word pieces or create an offer your prospects can’t refuse. Unique, great for a crowd and cost effective. Available in ten colors. 

BPA Free Water Bottle

Water bottles are one of the most popular premiums today.  Why?  They come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colors and are a cost effective giveaway to keep your brand top of mind -- at the gym, on the road and traveling! 


Here’s a much sought-after premium.  A pair of earbuds. They work with most electronic devices, smart phones and tablets and are an inexpensive way to promote brand awareness. They’re super popular for prospects of all ages and useful too.

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Believe it or not, a good old-fashioned pen still grabs consumer’s attention. Keep a stash of pens handy at your next trade show or event and watch how you attract traffic. Pens have staying power and your prospects and clients will be reminded of your brand – every time they write. Especially women! 

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