Golf Promotional Items Cover - Man holding personalized golf ball wearing custom embroidered golf polo

Golf Promotional Items – Buyers Guide

Last Updated on March 12, 2024 by Rachel Leone

Golf Promotional Items Cover - Man holding personalized golf ball wearing custom embroidered golf polo

Personalized golf-themed gifts and giveaways for your next tournament or event!

Trying to promote your business to a golf-friendly customer base? Do you have a sales team making deals on the course? Are you sponsoring an upcoming golf tournament? Below are a few of my favorite golf promotional items and swag giveaways.

How do you market your business with personalized golf products?

Many of my clients choose golf accessories and apparel as a way to promote their business on the course and at events. Whether they're sponsors or playing, branded golf items are a great way to get your business noticed!

Which custom logo golf products are right for your business?

We have access to thousands of promotional golf products that can all be customized with your logo and message. With so many choices, finding the perfect golf promo can be challenging. That's why I've developed these curated lists of recommended products.

Below you'll find a handful of my customer's favorite items for each category. You won't see a dozen personalized golf balls or golf tees here—just a few recommendations to inspire you.

If you don't see what you're looking for, there are a few more ways to find the perfect custom golf item.

  • View category-specific golf guides - filled with even more favorites
  • Contact me - call or email for free one-on-one assistance
  • Shop my online store - for full access to thousands of customizable golf items - view the full catalog

Personalized Golf Balls - With you logo!

Personalized golf balls with your company's logo imprinted on them are among the most popular golf-related gifts. We carry customizable golf balls from major brands like Titleist, Callaway, and Bridgestone. No matter your budget, we've got the balls to match - from 12 packs of Branded Pro V1s to affordable three packs.

This 3 pack of golf balls in a tube is one of the most affordable ways to get your logo on a ball. Makes a great golf gift.

Min. Quantity 72, ≤ $12.50 ea.

These Callaway Super Soft golf balls are a great middle-of-the-road choice for budget-conscious enthusiasts and thrifty low handicap players.

Min. Quantity 12, ≤ $48.00 ea.

Looking to make a big impression? On the high end of the budget are the most popular balls on the PGA Tour. You can't go wrong with Titleist Pro V1s.

Min. Quantity 12, ≤ $95.00 ea.

Personalized Golf Tees and Tee Kits

Personalized golf tees and golf kits are an excellent choice. We carry many shapes, sizes, and types of tees like standard tees, tall tees, and recycled tees. Golf tee sets are popular because these affordable giveaways typically include tees, ball markers, and divot tools.

This standard golf tee is made from wood, comes in 3 sizes, 11 colors, and can be customized with your logo and messaging.

Min. Quantity 1,000, ≤ $0.20 ea.

This golf kit in a sleeve includes 4 tees, a divot tool, and a ball marker. The sleeve can be imprinted in full color, making it a great promotional gift.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $2.25 ea.

Ideal for golf tournaments or as a handout at trade shows. This 4 in 1 matchbook of tees also comes with a ball marker. The matchbook itself along with the tees and marker can be custom imprinted with your logo.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $2.50 ea.

Featuring 9 tees, a ball marker, and a divot tool, this item's best feature is the zip bag with a carabiner for easy access on the course.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $6.75 ea.

Branded Golf Apparrel

Even if you're not a great golfer, it can't hurt to look good while you're out there. Promotional apparel is always a best seller and we carry some awesome branded golf apparel for men and women. Nike Dri-fit polos are a great choice and are designed for golfers. Golf visors are an excellent choice because they're unisex, useful, one-size-fits-most, and look great with embroidered logos.

A great choice for men and women, this stylish one-size-fits-all visor can be custom embroidered with your logo making it a highly desirable golf giveaway for anyone.

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $12.25 ea.

This classic Dri-FIT polo delivers superior moisture management and has been designed to provide a distinct feminine fit. Style and performance!

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $62.00 ea.

The Nike Golf Dri-FIT golf polo is a great choice even if you're not a golfer. It features moisture-wicking materials and comes with a modern tailored fit!

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $76.00 ea.

Custom Golf Towels

Golf towels are another handy and affordable unisex giveaway. They're unique, functional, premium, durable, and one-size-fits-all too. Do you know that the average lifespan of a towel is 15 years? We carry golf towels in many different shapes, sizes, and price points, but these are two of my most popular.

This 11.5 x 11.5 custom golf towel comes in 4 popular colors and features a metal grommet and hook for easy attachment to most golf bags. Ideal for cleaning clubs, balls, or your hands between shots.

Min. Quantity 150, ≤ $3.00 ea.

Looking for maximum brand exposure at a great price? This golf towel allows for edge-to-edge printing across the entire front of the towel.

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $4.50 ea.

This premium golf towel is available in 3 classic colors and looks amazing with an embroidered company logo. Sure to be a fan favorite.

Min. Quantity 25, ≤ $11.75 ea.

Branded Golf Accessories: Coolers, can holders, bags, and more!

Are you tired of the same golf gifts every year? Are you looking for something different for this year's tournament? That's a sentiment I often hear from clients, and together we've found a handful of unique gifts and giveaways their recipients have loved. Coolers and koozies are handy gifts that always get used. Umbrellas, bags, and trophies are also popular alternatives.

Ideal for keeping beverages cold on the course, this fold-flat can holder is available in 54 colors! That's enough to match almost any brand.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $1.00 ea.

This affordable golf-shaped lip balm is a unique way to market your business at golf events. Customize with your company, organization, or event name/logo for a thoughtful giveaway.

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $2.25 ea.

Staying hydrated on the course is important, and what better way to keep your beverages cold than a branded cooler?

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $3.50 ea.

If you're running an event, this drawstring backpack is a great way to distribute swag and marketing materials to attendees.

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $4.50 ea.

Featuring a top zipper closure and a soft faux-fur lining, this valuables bag is a unique and handy giveaway that can be used for years to come.

Min. Quantity 50, ≤ $13.75 ea.

This massive, 60" golf umbrella is a great way to expose recipients to your brand while protecting them from rainy weather.

Min. Quantity 25, ≤ $20.25 ea.

Longest drive, best ball, or tournament champion, a trophy is a great way to celebrate, and this engraved crystal trophy is a personal favorite.

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $25.50 ea.

Custom Logo Golf Kits

Golf kits come with the essentials golfers need to keep their heads in the game. We carry golf kits to match all budgets, and no matter the cost, you'll feel good knowing these contain high-quality products. From golf essentials like extra tees and divot tools to first aid items like bandaids and even sunscreen, tissues, and bandaids.

Perfect for the budget-conscious shopper, this compact golf accessory kit contains all the basics in a convenient grab-and-go package.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $2.75 ea.

Our mid-tier golf kit features a customizable reusable compact bag with a carabiner and includes many golf and first aid essentials.

Min. Quantity 50, ≤ $7.00 ea.

This deluxe golf kit includes bug repellent, sunscreen, first aid basics, and golf essentials. All are contained in a premium pouch with a carabiner. Perfect for adding your logo.

Min. Quantity 50, ≤ $20.25 ea.

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