Insurance Agent holding insurance industry promotional products

Insurance Industry Promotional Products!

Last Updated on March 5, 2022 by Rachel Leone

Insurance Agent holding insurance industry promotional products

With so much competition in the insurance industry, how do agencies stand out from their competition?

Whether you're trying to stay top of mind with existing customers or get noticed by new customers, the right promotional product can be an excellent tool for marketing your insurance business!

Why choose promotional products for your insurance agency?

  • Value. By giving away a useful promotional item, you're creating value for your customers or prospects.
  • Brand Awareness. Every promotion has the opportunity to be seen by the friends, family, and colleagues of the receiver. People are more likely to do business with brands their peer's trust.
  • Cross Promotion. Promotional products are a great way to cross-promote your bundles and remind auto insurance customers that you also carry home, life, and/or business insurance.
  • Top of Mind. When the time comes to choose a new insurance provider, YOU want to be the first agency people think of. Promotional giveaways are a great way to stay top of mind with new and existing customers.

How do insurance agencies give away promotional products?

  • Direct Mail/Lumpy Mail. Since you know the names and addresses of your customer, you can mail a promotion. Looking for new customers? Target neighborhoods with Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM) from the USPS.
  • Handouts at the office. If you have customers that come to the office to sign policies, ask questions, or pay bills, send them home with a free gift.
  • Trade shows and Networking. Send your sales team and agents out into the field with some giveaways to share with prospects.

Any other marketing tips?

  • Use all of your imprint area. No matter the industry, it's important to take advantage of your entire imprint area. Every product should include your logo and a way to contact you. Products like magnets and microfiber cloths offer enough room to promote your services and include a marketing message.
  • Enhance your existing marketing materials. Promotional products should be a piece of your larger marketing playbook. They provide an opportunity to reinforce all your marketing messaging, so remember to choose products (and slogans) that enhance your brand's message.
  • Reward long-term customers. In the Insurance Industry, you often go years without hearing from customers, but you probably have a few great long-term customers. Remind them that you appreciate their business.

Here are some of the most popular promtional items for insurance companies!

House Shaped Credit Card Mints

Looking for a creative marketing idea to promote your home insurance lines? These house-shaped mints can easily be mailed to existing or new customers. 

Elvado Executive Metal Pen

Logo pens are one of the most popular promotional products for insurance companies. The "Elvado is a stylish executive metal pen that can be customized with your logo and message.

House Shaped Stress Ball

This clever house-shaped stress ball can help remind your home insurance customers that your agency will be there when they're stressed. Great for trade shows and giveaways. 

Keychain LED Light

At under $2 per item, this LED light is a useful (and affordable) giveaway for home and auto insurance customers and prospects. And just like this light, you'll be there when needed. Available in 8 colors. 

5 Color Custom Logo Highlighter

Another creative marketing idea for insurance agencies, this 5 color highlighter is great for marking up policies. Simply hand it to your policyholders when you're done. 

Football Schedule Magnets

Custom football schedule magnets are a great way to associate your insurance agency with your customer's favorite team. Simply add your name, logo, phone, message, and/or URL.

Microfiber Cloth

This 6" x 6" Microfiber cloth (with pouch) is a great way to keep windshields clean and clear, and cross promote your other insurance services.

Personalized Auto Safety Kit

Reward your most loyal auto insurance customers and remind them that you'll always be there when they need you most. Minimum quantity of 20.

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