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Branded Custom Stress Balls

Branded Custom Stress Balls

Custom branded stress balls make for a really fun and affordable marketing giveaway!

What's got you stressed these days?

  • The holidays?
  • Bills at home?
  • Your kids or family?
  • Deadlines at work?
  • Stuck in traffic on your way to or from work?
  • Did you just turn on the TV, radio or look at social media?
  • Do you need to find a marketing giveaway for an upcoming trade show?

It seems like there's more reason to be stressed than ever these days. If you're stressing about what promotional product to buy for this year's conference or trade show, may I recommend one of these branded custom stress balls?

4 reasons why I love custom branded stress balls as giveaways.

  1. They're memorable. When others are giving aways the same old item, you've got something fun and different.
  2. They come in all shapes and sizes. Don't settle for the same of round stress ball. Pick something unique to your business!
  3. They're affordable. Based on quantities, some of these can cost under $1 each.
  4. They're actually useful. When you're feeling stressed, give one of these a squeeze and you do actually feel a little better.

Below are 9 of my favorite stress balls, but if there's a shape or color you're interested in and you're not seeing it, feel free to search my online store or give me a call for one-on-one assistance.


Globe Shaped Stress Ball

Got an eco friendly business or marketing campagin to promote? Maybe you're a travel agency looking for a fun giveaway for this year's travel expo? 


Apple Stress Reliever

Perfect for medical offices or any business that promotes healthy lifestyles. Just add your logo and you've got a great giveaway!


Hamburger Stress Reliever

Apples and healthy living not your thing, that's ok. Who doesn't like a delicious hamburger? Promote your restaurant in style, and stay top of mind with your patrons.


Football Stress Reliever

Score a marketing touchdown this season when you give away one of these awesome Football shaped branded stress balls. They're fun to play with and come in tons of different colors!


Fire Truck Stress Reliever

Whether you're a fire department looking to raise money, or always putting out fires out at work, this Fire Truck shaped custom stress ball is a fun and functional promotion. 


Pumpkin Stress Reliever

Boo! Get into the halloween spirit every October with Jack-O-Lantern shaped branded stress balls. These make great halloween decorations even if you're not stressed. 


Dice Stress Reliever

Ask your prospects to roll the dice and take a chance on you when you give them  this clever promotion. Perfect for closing sales, or promoting lotteries and casinos. 


Zebra Stress Reliever

A fun and adorable promotion, this Zebra shaped custom stress ball can be customized with you logo so you're always top of mind. 


Owl Stress Reliever

This owl shaped custom stress ball is a real hoot! It's a popular promotional item for schools, colleges or any business that focuses on life long learning. 

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