Woman wearing a white Nike Dri-Fit Visor - Headlines "Customizable Nike Products"

Customizable Nike Products

Last Updated on May 26, 2023 by Rachel Leone

Woman wearing a white Nike Dri-Fit Visor - Headlines "Customizable Nike Products"

Imagine your organization's logo on these Nike-branded swag products!

If you order directly from my store imprinting is NOT available however, due to popularity, I've partnered with a local embroiderer and screen printer to customize these Nike products. So get inspired by the products below (with hundreds more on my store), and contact me to start your custom order!

Why choose Nike-branded gear over the competitors?

  1. Superior Quality: Nike is renowned for its high-quality apparel that is designed to last, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  2. Innovative Technology: Nike constantly pushes the boundaries of technology and innovation in its apparel, providing advanced features like moisture-wicking, breathability, and temperature regulation.
  3. Iconic Branding: Nike's recognizable logo and iconic branding make a bold statement and represent a commitment to excellence and athletic performance.
  4. Wide Range of Options: Nike offers a vast selection of apparel for various sports and activities, allowing individuals to find the perfect fit and style that suits their needs and preferences.
  5. Performance Enhancing: Nike's apparel is designed with performance in mind, incorporating features like ergonomic cuts, strategic ventilation, and lightweight materials to optimize athletic performance.
  6. Trendsetting Style: Nike is known for setting trends in the fashion and sportswear industry, ensuring that you not only perform well but also look stylish and on-trend.

Contact me to work one-on-one and get started with your custom order!

These affordable, lightweight, three-panel Nike visors are perfect for custom embroidery. And with their hook and loop closure, they make an excellent one-size-fits-all gift for golf tournaments and bachelor parties on the fairway. Contact me for custom embroidering options.

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $23.333 ea.* (Custom Order)

Available in seven popular colors, these Dri-FIT Nike beanies keep heads warm in when the weather gets chilly. Customize with your organization or team's logo to create a fantastic gift or giveaway.

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $24.40 ea.* (Custom Order)

These youth-sized Nike Tees are excellent for team sports and where performance matters. Choose from over 13 hot colors. Recipients will love them for their softness, durability, and how the Dri-FIT technology wicks sweat away. Also available in adult sizes. 

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $28.667 ea.* (Custom Order)

Made for all-day comfort, this durable knit scoop neck tee comes in black, dark grey, heather, and white. Recipients will love its premium feel and comfort. Contact me to special order with your organization or event logo!

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $28.667 ea.* (Custom Order)

Imagine your best men, your team, or everyone at your event wearing matching Nike hats with your logo embroidered on the front! These premium mesh back hats are a great custom gift for many occasions.

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $35.00 ea.* (Custom Order)

This performance tee features moisture-wicking technology designed to keep wearers cool and dry. Add your business, team, organization, or event logo to these Nike tees and create a premium brand statement!

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $36.50 ea.* (Custom Order)

Choose from 4 popular colors and customize this Nike Backpack with your logo! This versatile backpack is ideal for taking to school, the gym, commuting, hiking, or traveling. Sold unimprinted, but each bag can be customized by special order.

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $51.667 ea.* (Custom Order)

Perfect for the fairway or everyday use, these Nike Dry-FIT polos are engineered to provide superior moisture wicking and comfort. This ladies' style features a flat knit color and feminine fit. Contact me about custom embroidering. Also available in men's styles. 

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $60.00 ea.* (Custom Order)

This incredibly warm fleece pullover provided year-round comfort, style, and warmth. This would make an incredible custom gift for a special person or VIP client. Or outfit your entire team in matching hoodies. Contact me for customized orders.

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $80.00 ea.* (Custom Order)

Available in khaki or black, this stylish and durable Nike backpack can be custom screened or embroidered with your organization's logo and message. Stores up to a 15" laptop making it a great holiday gift for employees that commute.

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $81.667 ea.* (Custom Order)

This incredible soft shell Nike Jacket features a water-repellent exterior and an incredibly soft interior. Although no sold imprinted, I partner with a local vendor so you can add your logo to this highly desirable jacket. Makes a great gift for VIPs!

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $126.667 ea.* (Custom Order)

*Although not available via my shopping site, I have access to screenprinting and embroidery services that can customize any of these Nike-branded apparel products. Costs vary. Contact me to customize your Nike apparel!