Promotional Sunglasses Buyers Guide

Promotional Sunglasses – Buyers Guide

Last Updated on June 21, 2021 by Rachel Leone

Promotional sunglasses are a fun, functional, and affordable giveaway for marketing your business!

Let's face it, squinting isn't a good look for anyone. Whether you're trying to watch live outdoor sports, drive a vehicle, or relax outdoors, being in bright sunlight without sunglasses can make any of these activities uncomfortable. Customized sunglasses with your logo and message are a thoughtful way to market your business while protecting your clients, employees, and prospects from the sun's dangerous UV rays. Plus, sunglasses come in a ton of colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. We carry many options when it comes to sunglasses, but I tend to recommend a handful of favorites that are affordable and great quality.

If you're tired of searching through 1000s of options online, check out my curated list of promotional sunglasses below.

Why do my clients love promotional sunglasses?

  • Functional - Trying to do anything with the sun in your eyes can be difficult, and sunglasses can help you see. Whether that's driving a car, sailing a boat, hiking, reading a book, or just outside enjoying life.
  • They go anywhere - Sunglasses are great for the beach, pool, sporting events, corporate events, concerts, conferences, parties, trade shows, fundraisers, festivals, nightclubs, and more.
  • Protection - Many of the sunglasses we carry offer UV protection and can help protect your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun.
  • Fashionable - Have you noticed that classic Ray-Ban style glasses are trendy again? We carry many popular styles including "Ray-Ban style" and aviators.
  • Fun - Kids and adults love sunglasses, and with features like "glow in the dark" and LED lights, sunglasses can be fun in the daytime or at night. Plus, who doesn't like taking group photos with the entire wedding party or graduating class wearing matching sunglasses?
  • Marketing - Personalized sunglasses are a great way to market your business. The wearer benefits from having a pair of sunglasses at the ready, while you benefit from making the wearer a walking billboard. It's a win-win!
  • Affordable - With many options starting under $2 a pair, promotional sunglasses are a budget-friendly way to get your business into the promotional marketing game!

Below are 13 of my favorite promotional sunglasses!


Wraparound Sunglasses

These sleek and sporty black wraparound glasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. NEW optional 4-color cello bag.


Bottle Opener Sunglasses

The perfect combination of fun, functionality, and style. These clever and unique sunglasses are sure to be a hit with recipients. 


Color Changing Sunglasses

These frosted framed glasses turn blue, orange, or purple when exposed to sunlight. The intensity depends on the strength of the light. 


Custom Printed Lens Sunglasses

Add a full-color design to these glasses for a memorable giveaway! The small holes allow the wearer to see through while maintaining UVA and UVB protection. 


Classic Adult Two-Tone Sunglasses

Starting at just over $1 a pair, these classic two-tone variations are one of the most popular promotional sunglasses items we carry. 


Classic Solid Sunglasses

Available in 11 colors, these fashionable solid color sunglasses provide 100% UV protection and can be customized with your logo and message. 


Kids Classic Solid Color Sunglasses

Similar to the adult version above, but sized for kids, these classic solid sunglasses are perfect for schools, camps, graduations, and more!


Classic Woodgrain Sunglasses

Available in dark or light "wood grain" colors, these fashionable shades don't just look great, they offer UV400 protection and fit most adults.


USA Patriotic Sunglasses

Excellent for the 4th of July, parades, or political events, these red, white, and blue sunglasses let you show off your USA pride with style. 


100% Recycled Sunglasses

If being environmentally conscious is important to your brand, these sunglasses made from 100% recycled materials are an awesome choice. 


Aviator Sunglasses

Available in black, silver, or gold, these lightweight aviators feature an imprintable area in the lower right corner of the lens. 


Glow-in-the-dark Glasses

For those of you who wear your sunglasses at night, these glow-in-the-dark glasses are perfect for clubs, parties, concerts and more! 


LED Light Glasses

Here's a great way to light up any nighttime event. These glasses come with LED lights built into the frame so your brand will be the center of attention. 

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