Branded Custom Stress Balls

Custom Shaped Logo’d Stress Balls

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Rachel Leone

Custom shape stress balls with your company's logo are a fun and affordable marketing giveaway!

What has you stressed right now?

  • Politics?
  • Holidays?
  • Global Pandemics?
  • Bills?
  • Family?
  • Deadlines?

With more reasons to be stressed-out than ever before, your marketing promotion shouldn't be one of them. Custom shaped branded stress balls are a desirable and cost-effective way to promote your business at any time of the year! And believe it or not, stress balls have actually been proven to help relieve stress, making them a thoughtful and useful gift.

Of course, the alternative to stress balls is custom branded wines (which we carry and sell plenty of), but these little novelties are way cheaper and last much longer. Plus they're so cute!

Why do my clients love custom-shaped stress balls?

  1. They're memorable. When other businesses are giving away the same old promotional item, you'll have something fun and different.
  2. They come in all shapes and sizes. Don't settle for the same old round stress ball. Pick something unique to your business!
  3. They're affordable. Based on quantities, some of these can cost under $1 each.
  4. They're actually useful. When you're feeling stressed, give one of these a squeeze and you do actually feel a little better.

Below are many of my favorite stress balls. If there's a shape you want not shown, just give me a yell.

Happy Face Emoji Stress Reliever

Don't worry, be happy with this adorable happy face emoji stress ball that can be customized with your logo or message on the back. 

Heart-Shaped Stress Reliever

This heart-shaped stress ball is great for showing some love to your customers or employees any time of year (not just valentines day.) Great for medical companies too!

Golf Ball Stress Reliever

These golf ball-shaped stress relievers are an affordable way to advertise at golf tournaments and are a great way for players to relax after missed putts. 

Construction Hat Stress Reliever

This marketing giveaway certainly won't pass OSHA regulations, but these mini hard hat stress balls are always a hit with safety, construction, and building companies.

Boxing Glove Stress Reliever

A client of mine recently "KO'D" their competition and these mini boxing glove stress balls were a wonderful marketing tie-in. Available in blue or red with ample imprint area for your logo. 

PPE Stress Reliever

Show a little love and wear a mask! These custom logo PPE stress balls are a fun way to promote mask-wearing and go perfect with branded face masks!

Xmas Tree Stress Reliever

We all know that the holidays can be stressful. Cheer up your customers or prospects with this Christmas tree-shaped stress ball. 

$100 Bill Stress Reliever

This $100 bill shaped stress reliever is perfect for banks, insurance agents, or any business that saves their customers money while reducing stress. Features a huge imprint area on the back for maximum brand awareness.

Tooth Stress Reliever

Are patients nervous about their visit to the dentist's office? This custom logo tooth-shaped stress ball will help to calm their nerves. 

House Stress Reliever

These home-shaped stress balls are popular marketing giveaways with my realtor, home insurance, and home improvement clients!

American Flag Stress Reliever

These American flag-shaped stress relievers are great for parade throws, political campaigns, or for anyone stressing about politics. 

Globe Shaped Stress Ball

Have an eco-friendly business or marketing campaign to promote? Maybe you're a travel agency looking for a fun giveaway for this year's travel expo? 

Apple Stress Reliever

Apple-shaped stress balls are ideal for medical offices, juice bars, orchards, or any business that promotes healthy lifestyles. Simply add your logo and you have a great giveaway!

Hamburger Stress Reliever

Who doesn't enjoy a delicious cheeseburger? Promote your restaurant in style, and stay top of mind with your patrons. 

Football Stress Reliever

Score a marketing touchdown this season when you give away one of these awesome football shaped branded stress balls. They're fun to play with and come in tons of different colors!

Fire Truck Stress Reliever

Whether you're a fire department looking to raise money, or always putting out fires out at work, this fire truck shaped custom stress ball is a fun and functional promotion. 

Pumpkin Stress Reliever

Get into the Halloween spirit every October with Jack-O-Lantern-shaped branded stress balls. These make great Halloween decorations even if you're not stressed. 

Dice Stress Reliever

Ask your prospects to roll the dice and take a chance on you when you give them this clever promotion. Perfect for closing sales, or promoting lotteries and casinos. 

Zebra Stress Reliever

A fun and adorable promotion, this Zebra shaped custom stress ball can be customized with your logo so you're always top of mind. Lots of other animals are available too!

Owl Stress Reliever

This owl-shaped custom stress ball is a real hoot! It's a popular promotional item for schools, colleges, or any business that focuses on lifelong learning. 

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