Personalized Wine

Looking for a popular corporate gift? Personalized wines are great for holidays or speical occasions!

If you're shopping for a great personalized gift to send from one business to another, wine is a very popular choice. Wine is a great gift for the holidays and can even be paired with chocolates, foods, and wine glasses. We carry red, white, sparkling, champagne, and even non-alcoholic varieties, so no matter the age or taste of the recipient, we've got you covered.

You could just purchase a bottle of wine, but by personalizing your gift with your brand's logo or messaging, you're showing that you've given your gift some effort, thought, and creativity. Your recipient will instantly know that he or she is pretty special.

Who typically buys personalized wine? Wine gifts are pretty popular with my corporate clients, but in recent years personalized wines have become a trendy choice for wedding parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, and retirements. By personalizing the bottle, not only will you have something you can instantly enjoy, but the bottle can be displayed as a reminder of the special occasion for years to come.

Check out the curated list of my most popular personalized wines below!


CA Merlot - 750ml

Perfect for holidays, corporate events, and milestones this 750ml bottle of California Merlot Red wine can be labeled or etched. 


Cabernet Sauvignon - 750ml

This 750ml bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine can be personalized with etching as well as optional hand-painted color fills for a striking corporate gift. 


CA Merlot Magnum - 1.5 liter

When you need to impress a larger crowd consider a magnum-sized bottle of California Merlot. Add a name, logo, or message, and celebrate. 


Sauvignon Blanc - 750ml

Prefer your wines light and dry? This hand-crafted Sauvignon Blanc can be personalized with a custom etching and filled with color. 


Chardonnay - 750ml

Create a memorable gift with a personalized bottle of Chardonnay. Perfect for special occasions, weddings, retirements, birthdays, and more! 


Chardonnay Magnum - 1.5 Liter

This magnum of California Chardonnay makes an excellent corporate holiday gift. Each bottle can be personalized with custom etched artwork. 


Moscato - 750ml

This Italian Moscato comes in a unique blue bottle and features a custom 4x3 label or etching. Perfect for celebrating special occasions. 


Champagne - 750ml

This California Champagne sparkling white wine comes with a deep hand-etched imprint and optional hand-painted fills. A truly luxurious gift.


Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Grape Juice

Finally, a beverage that everyone can enjoy! This 750ml bottle of sparkling grape juice makes a great alternative to the wines and champagnes above. 

Need a few pairing ideas? These are some of my most popular!

Otterbox WIne Tumblers

A trendy gift, these Otterbox Wine Tumblers are powder-coated and come in Blue, White, or Black. Pairs perfectly with wine. 

Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

Know what tastes great with wine? Delicious truffles. This box features 8 chocolates and massive full-color centerpiece chocolate. 

Shelf Stable Party Starter

When you want to go all-in on a holiday gift, these shelf-stable party-starters are just the thing. Serves 8-12 easily. 

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