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Promotional Drinkware Favorites

Last Updated on December 13, 2021 by Rachel Leone

Promotional drinkware is still one of the hottest items we carry and these are some of my client's favorite products within each category.

When it comes to personalized drinkware gifts and giveaways, we carry thousands of products, each with different materials, colors, sizes, shapes, imprint methods, and of course costs.

Which when you really stop to think about it, can make shopping for drinkware a challenging task. Good thing there are a few ways to narrow down your choices and you've found this helpful guide from Leone Marketing.

How do I start to focus my customers in and help them find the perfect promotional drinkware? I always start with categories and these are the big five.

  • Traditional drinking glasses
  • Non-insulated bottles
  • Insulated bottles
  • Mugs and steins
  • Wine glasses

Traditional Drinking Glasses

When I say traditional drinking glasses, I mean the types you'd find on your shelves and in your cabinets at home or at work. These are the glasses that get used most frequently in your day to day life. Many of my customers choose glass drinkware for this category, but we do carry plastic and acrylic alternatives in most cases - which are perfect for kids and outdoor settings where glass shouldn't be used.

16 oz. Classic Pint Glass

Custom pint glasses are a great way to spread your promotional message and this traditional 16 oz. glass is a favorite of size and shape for business or personal use. 

14 oz. Old Fashioned Glass

This 14 oz glass is excellent for mixed drinks or for everyday use. It features a classic straight wall design and can be screen printed with your businesses logo and messaging. 

16 oz. Pilsner Pub Glass

Designed to hold your favorite beer, this curved pilsner glass is a favorite with bars and restaurants, and with a minimum buy of only 12, it also makes a great gift for bachelor parties, graduations, and retirements.

Non-insulated Bottles

Non-insulated bottles are a convenient way to take drinks on the go - especially if you're not concerned with keeping them hot or cold. We carry a wide range of popular brands including CamelBak as well as many different styles, colors, shapes features, and costs to match your needs. Many non-insulated bottles even feature lids and straws which makes them a great choice for younger recipients.

25 oz. CamelBak Chute Mag

CamelBak bottles are shatter, stain, and odor-resistant, and this 25 oz. version features a magnetic carry handle and angled spout for easy drinking. 

24 oz. Poly-Clear Fitness Bottle

Great for sporting activities or trips to the gym, this custom sport bottle makes a great giveaway for schools, camps, sports clubs, and more!

16 oz. Bend A Bottle w/ Carabiner

New to the scene, these flexible bottles are rollable, freezable, and washable. They're very popular with nurses and workers in the medical field. 

Insulated Bottles

Is keeping your beverage hot or cold on the go a must? Then you'll want to check out our selection of insulated bottles. Many feature double-wall vacuum technology as well as stainless steel interiors. When it comes to the design, shape, color, and even the lid, we have so many choices, but below are a handful of great options to inspire and help with your shopping.

25 oz. H2go Noir - Powder

This powder-coated stainless steel bottle features a double-wall copper vacuum insulation, which keeps drinks hot and color for hours. Plus, it looks great!

20 oz. H2go Relay Powder

Available in 7 powder-coated colors, the H2go Relay is a great bottle for everyday use. With a matching carrying loop and polished accents, it's good looking and functional. 

20.9 oz Polar

This thermal bottle turns heads with its powder-coated finish, high polish accents, and acrylic push-on swivel lid. A fantastic choice for VIP giveaways. 

Mugs and Steins

Year after year mugs are some of my best sellers and there's certainly no lack of choices when it comes to these popular promotions. Steins, on the other hand, aren't quite as popular, but often get lumped into this category because they feature large handles. In a pinch a stein could hold tea or coffee, but let's be honest, they're mostly used for beer.

11 oz. Arlo Mug

This traditional coffee mug comes in 8 popular matte colors. It's also microwave safe and features a generous imprint area for your market messaging. 

16 oz. Tall Latte Mugs

This latte mug is a wonderful alternative to your traditional coffee mug. Its tall walled shape is perfect for lattes, macchiatos, and even hot cocoas. Available in 8 rich gloss colors. Add your logo for an amazing corporate gift or giveaway. 

13 oz Glass Stein Mug

Is there anything better than drinking your favorite beer or beverage from a frozen glass stein? Screen print your logo, message, or event title for a fantastic giveaway or keepsake!

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are another popular category and obviously a huge seller with restaurants, bars, and resorts. In recent years, personalized wine glasses have become a common gift for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and many special occasions. Insulated wine glasses are coming into their own recently because they're a great way to enjoy your wine at on the go at tailgates, picnics, boating, or with friends at home on your patio.

12.75 oz Wine Glass

This traditional stemmed glassware features a large imprint area and makes a great giveaway for corporate or personal use. 

Champagne Flute

When you want to really celebrate a special occasion reach for the champagne and don't' forget to pair it with this custom wine flute. 

12 oz. Cece Powder - Wine Tumber

Personalize these wine tumblers with your logo, message, or special occasion to create an amazing and memorable gift for any wine drinker. 

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