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Personalized Food Gifts for Clients

Personalized Food Gifts

Serious question. Who Doesn't Love Food?

That's probably why personalized food gifts are so popular!

While most gifts offer enjoyment to an individual, sometimes it makes sense to please a whole department, office or family with a fabulous food gift as a thank you or special treat! Food pretty much is a universal gift and is well received as they often go to an office or department and nobody is forgotten or left out. Some favorite food items include popcorn, pretzels, chocolate and of course candy is always a crowd pleaser. Our feeling is that you really can’t go wrong with a good food gift.

Here are some of my favorites:

Sweet and Salty Tower

This is a perfect combination that will delight anyone who loves the taste of sweet, salty or both! The top of the tower is filled with nuts and the base of the tower is filled with fresh baked cookies and pretzels. A customized message can by included in each tower. How fun would this be if you were announcing a new brand or company. You can customize your message on each section of the tower.

Chocolate Tower

This food gift rocks! It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to food gifts. It’s a mix of all kinds of favorite treats tied up in a beautiful ribbon including almond tea cookies, white chocolate covered pretzels, creamy sea salt caramels, fancy mixed nuts, cocoa dusted chocolate truffles and chocolate covered almonds. Send one of these to your best clients to thank them for their business and I am sure this will be appreciated.

Candy Dish

Refresh your marketing efforts with this minty giveaway! Put your logo on those dishes and hand them out to your favorite clients. Once the jar is empty, your customers can fill it with candy and other small accessories. They will be reminded of your brand over and over as they dig into the candy dish.

Don’t forget to brand your gift or container so it can be reused and serve multiple functions and provides a reminder of the gifts to recipients long after the goodies are gone.

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