Personalized Food Gifts

Personalized Food Gifts for Clients

Last Updated on October 31, 2022 by Rachel Leone

Personalized Food Gifts

Popular food gifts!

While most gifts offer enjoyment to an individual, many food gifts are shareable with an entire department, office, or family. Making them extremely popular around the holidays.

Customized food gifts are a great way to thank employees, colleagues, and clients; many of my customers purchase these yearly.

Why do people love personalized food gifts?

  • Everyone loves food. A pretty obvious answer here, but have you ever met someone who doesn't like food? Also, who doesn't like delicious free food?
  • Sweet and/or salty. Whether chocolate, candies, mints, chips, nuts, or ready-to-serve charcuterie boards, we carry all the sweet and salty foods you want.
  • A size for every budget. We have options for every budget, from single-servings to gift boxes and towers designed to feed a small group of hungry people.
  • Tradition. Many of my clients give food gifts annually and tell me their recipients look forward to their yearly delivery.
  • A handy snack. If your business has a reception area or waiting room, having personalized food gifts available for your customers while they wait can help make a great impression.
  • Personalized. Typically on the box or wrapper, most food products we carry can be imprinted with your company's name, message, and logo, making food gifts an ideal B2B gift.
  • Delicious. The food we carry is of high quality and tastes fantastic.

Below is a sampling of the thousands of custom food gifts you can purchase on my store.

This nacho snack box comes filled with sea salt tortilla chips, salsa, queso dip, chorizo, and more. This fun snack gift is a great way to start a fiesta!

This delicious charcuterie features meats, cheeses, crackers, and mustard. Each set comes packed in a custom gift box showcasing your logo. The lids can be customized with full-color imprints too!

Seen on Shark Tank! Each Echo Valley Ribeye steak gift box comes with 4 hand-trimmed, mouth-watering, vacuum-sealed steaks, spice mix, and a laser-engraved bamboo cutting board with your logo.

This fun gift box comes packed with Boody Mary drink mix, stuffed olives, bacon cheese dip, crackers, Tabasco, rim seasoning, and more. Everything you need to start your morning.

Ideal for nut lovers, this indivualy-sized bag of California Pistachios comes in a silver box with a black foil stamped logo and a matching silver ribbon.

Here's a thoughtful gift for employees and customers! Each custom gift basket comes filled with a muffin mix, pancake and waffle mix, syrup, jam, and a custom logo mixing spoon.

Looking for a healthy gift idea for B2B holiday gift-giving or a treat for someone special? Each personalized gift basket comes with a variety of dried and fresh fruits.

Available in M&Ms, Tootsie Rolls, or Mints, this individual-sized jar of sweet treats is an affordable personalized gift your recipient will love!

Available in quantities from 1 to 600, you can choose from 80 different name-brand snacks and beverages to personalize your snack box.  Customize with a full-color card insert or 5x5 label.

Perfect for trade shows, corporate events, fairs, and festivals, this custom logo fish bowl comes filled with salty pretzels making it a desirable and delicious food giveaway.

These gourmet pretzel sticks come covered in chocolate and yummy toppings. Customize each box with your logo and message.

Recipients will love these enormous tins of delicious popcorn. Plus, there's plenty of imprint area on the top or side for maximum brand exposure.

This shelf-stable party starter features cheese, meats, chocolate, and nuts. Each box serves 8-12 and comes with a fire-branded bamboo cutting board with your company's logo.

The largest tower we sell, each set features 22 gourmet treats packed into nine reusable silver and navy gift boxes. Serves 50 people or more!