Custom Logo Notebooks and Branded Journals

Journal and Notebook – Buyers Guide

Last Updated on April 4, 2022 by Rachel Leone

Custom Logo Notebooks and Branded Journals

Branded journals and custom logo notebooks are popular giveaways!

Popular with my education clients as giveaways for students and a great alternative to tee-shirts at conferences, custom logo notebooks are a trendy promotion! Available in many shapes, colors, and sizes and all customizable with your logo.

Are notebook giveaways a good way to market your business?

Yes! Everyone can use a notebook! Many of the promotional notebooks our clients purchase and give away are used for months. Custom logo notebooks are always a trendy item at tradeshows and conferences and a great way to increase brand awareness.

Below are a few tips and ideas for selecting your perfect notebook!

  • Choose the right audience. As with all promotions, knowing your audience is critical. If your audience is ultra tech-savvy, maybe you impress them with a Rocketbook? For everyone else, notebooks are desirable and sought-after promotional items. For your notebook giveaway, consider your recipient's expectations. Executives will expect a much nicer notebook than students or conference attendees.
  • Ideal for informational events. We all know that attendees at conferences, meetings, and info sessions aren't always prepared to take notes. Handing out branded notebooks (with promotional pens) is a great way to make a positive brand impression.
  • One-size-fits-all. We all learn to write from an early age, which means custom logo notebooks are useful for every demographic. Promotional notebooks are an excellent alternative to conference tee-shirts because you don't have to worry about sizes.
  • Notebooks fill a need. Branded journals are ideal for back-to-school conferences and meetings because your recipients need them. And even if someone has a notebook, eventually they'll run out of paper and need a new one.
  • They are reasonably priced. We carry expensive MoleSkin notebooks; however, many custom logo notebooks and journals are affordable.

Which custom logo notebooks and branded journals do you recommend?

Moleskine® Hard Cover Ruled Large Notebook

This premium oversized notebook makes a great gift when you really want to impress a VIP. Logos can be embossed or full color. 

EcoShapes™ Recycled Die-Cut Notebook

Make a big marketing impact and a low environmental impact with EcoShapes die-cut notebooks. Made from recycled materials and featuring a heart or earth die-cut, this notebook will make a positive impression. 

Toucan Spiral Notebook

Available in 9 great colors, and sizing in at roughly 9" x 6", this traditional spiral notebook is affordable and reliable. It even features a ziplock enclosure which is great for stuffing with additional marketing materials and swag. 

Recycled Magnetic Journal

This beautiful journal features 70 pages of lined paper, a magnetic closure, a sticky pad, and sticky flags. This custom logo notebook makes a great gift for new hires or a conference swag giveaway for attendees. 

Sticky Flag Notebook

The best feature of this notebook is its built-in sticky flags. Perfect for notetaking and organization. The perfect promotion for anyone going back to school.

Tuscany™ Journal

An awesome and affordable alternative to Moleskine notebooks, this Tuscany brand journal features a magnetic closure, debossed imprint, 96 pages of paper, and a ribbon bookmark. 

Eco Spiral Notebook

This classic eco-friendly notebook is made from 100% recycled materials, features 144 pages of paper and is one of the most popular notebooks we carry. Add an imprint and make a great impression.