Woman blowing bubbles from custom bubble wand.

Custom Bubble Wands

Last Updated on May 19, 2022 by Rachel Leone

Woman blowing bubbles from custom bubble wand.

Are you looking for a fun bulk giveaway to market your business or giveaway at an event?

Custom bubble wands are delightful personalized gifts perfect for individuals, organizations, and businesses celebrating special events.

Why choose custom bubbles?

If you're looking for a branded promotion, there are many choices. My customers like personalized bubbles for many reasons, but some of the big ones are that they're fun, affordable, and when you get a lot of people blowing bubbles at the same time, they're memorable. Bubbles are a one-size-fits-all promotion too. Meaning, anyone can use them, and you don't just have to be a kid to enjoy them. 

  • Businesses choose customized bubbles because they're a great marketing tool that encourages joy and playfulness and can increase brand awareness at events. 
  • Organizations like high schools and colleges can give out bubbles at graduation ceremonies or homecoming events. Imagine hundreds or even thousands of students blowing bubbles in unison? 
  • Individuals can purchase customized bubbles in bulk and distribute them as gifts at weddings, parties, Bar Mitzvahs, and other celebrations. 

How do you order personalized bubbles and bubble wands?

Ordering is fast and easy through my online store. To help with your search, I've curated a list of my client's favorite bubbles below. Then, simply click on order and customize and purchase online. If you don't see what you're looking for, you can do two things. 

  • Search my online store for access to many additional colors, sizes, and features. 
  • Call or email for one-on-one assistance. If you tell me about your budget, your brand, and your goals, I'll be able to help you find the perfect promotional bubble product. And I can help you customize it, ship it, and get it all paid for. 

What else?

Get inspired by the popular personalized bubble wands below. These will give you a sense of what's available. To learn more about each item, visit the link to get product details such as costs, minimum quantities, imprint methods, and shipping details. 

  • If you find a custom product you want, you can go through the entire ordering process online without any assistance. 
  • I can help you with your ordering if you reach out to me through my website or call 781-740-3171. I can even help you with your design and messaging if you want to add a slogan or brainstorm some marketing ideas. 
  • If you'd like to buy bubbles and a few other items, we can help you create a gift kit that could include as many items as you'd like. We can help you with every step, from customization to fulfillment to shipping. Contact me to work together on you custom kit. 

Great for parties, special events, and even parades, this tiny bubble dispenser is available in 5 popular colors and can be customized with your message or logo. Quantities start at 100 with prices below $2 each.

Available in your choice of star, smiley face, or heart, this shaped bubble dispenser makes a great party favor. It features a breakaway neck cord and can be imprinted with your school, team, business, or organization's logo.

Perfect for any age or occasion, this 2oz bottle of bubbles can be customized with a full-color label for maximum brand exposure. Makes a great branded giveaway for picnics, beach parties, and outdoor gatherings.

Available in transparent blue or red, this clever two in one marketing promotion can be customize on both the barrel of the pen and the bubble reservoir. Makes a fabulous gift for schools and perfect for parties.

In 4 bright colors and at 14" long, this custom bubble wand is a fun gift for trade shows, conventions, and school fundraisers. Perfect for any age. Add your organization's logo, and let the fun begin!

These patriotic bubbles are ideal for Fourth of July parties and parades and political events, and fundraisers. The lid of each red, white, and blue bottle can be customized with your logo and message.

Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and other celebrations, your guest will have so much fun making bubbles when they receive is a custom gift. Customize by adding a logo, name, date, or message!

These big bubble wands are a fun marketing idea. They're over 15" long and available in a rainbow of colors to match your brand. Loved by kids and adults, these custom bubble wands are fun to promote your business!