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Custom Blankets

Last Updated on January 26, 2024 by Rachel Leone

cozy custom blankets

Custom blankets are a thoughtful gift that will keep recipients warm all year long.

Personalized blankets with your business's logo are a great way to cozy up to new or old customers as well as keep your employees warm in the office or at home. Every fall I see an uptick in blanket sales. My customers absolutely love giving these as gifts around the holidays, plus they're just great to have around if your office is chilly. I've even heard of a few restaurants making fresh throws available on cold winter evenings.

Why choose custom blankets as a promotional gift?

  • Tons of options. With blankets, you're always going to find a lot of different colors, but we also many different sizes, materials, and thicknesses.
  • Thoughtful. If you're like me, you hate being cold. Custom blankets are a great way to show customers and employees that you care about their wellbeing.
  • Go anywhere. Blankets aren't just for lounging on the couch. They're perfect for car, plane, or even train rides for commuters. They're also great for hiking, camping, tailgating, and seasonal outdoor activities. And, with many working from home these days, they're a welcome addition to many home offices.
  • One size fits all. Anyone and everyone can use a blanket.
  • Year-round. Air conditioning in the summer can make things pretty chilly. I keep a blanket handy at home for just those occasions.
  • Reasonably priced. Like all products, you're going to run a range in pricing and I'm happy to report that we carry many affordable options for custom blankets. For their price, they pack a lot of value.

Who buys personalized blankets?

Just about any business can use blankets as a promotional item, but I do see a few industries buy these more than others.

  • Banking and finance love blankets as a gift for opening accounts.
  • Retailers who cater to a more "outdoorsy crowd" love to offer blankets as giveaways or bonuses for spending $X on a visit.
  • Personalized blankets are also great for businesses with employees. They make for great holiday gifts or just nice to have around the office options.
  • I've seen a few high-end restaurants offer blankets on chilly evenings. They're great for outdoor seating as well.
  • Blankets are a popular giveaway at sporting events and festivals.
  • Warm, comfy, custom blankets are a favorite with senior living centers too.

Below is a sampling of my favorite custom logo blankets you can purchase on my store. 

One of the most affordable fleece blankets we carry, it's available in 10 classic colors and makes a wonderful giveaway or prize at events.

Min. Quantity 30, ≤ $17.00 ea.

Available in 11 popular colors, this 50" x 60" polar fleece blanket not only has great looks but its cost makes it an incredible value.

Min. Quantity 20, ≤ $20.00 ea.

Get a unique embroidered advertising bundle of warmth with the Coral Fleece Blanket! Available in 9 colors.

Min. Quantity 20, ≤ $28.00 ea.

With fleece on one side and water-resistant polyester on the reverse, this picnic blanket is ideal for outdoor activities like camping and concerts!

Min. Quantity 20, ≤ $36.00 ea.

This 40" x 52" afghan throw blanket is made from high-quality cotton. It can include up to two colors.

Min. Quantity 25, ≤ $41.00 ea.

This warm and comfortable Charleston Faux Fur Throw features a soft brushed outer layer and sherpa reverse. Perfect for cold winter nights!

Min. Quantity 12, ≤ $61.00 ea.

This high quality 52" x 60" tapestry throw blanket has no limit on the number of colors used in your custom design.

Min. Quantity 12, ≤ $61.00 ea.

Measuring in at 60" x 70", this oversized sherpa-style blanket features soft faux mink on one side and lambswool on the reverse. So warm. So comfy.

Min. Quantity 12, ≤ $61.00 ea.