2024's hottest swag giveaways

Popular swag giveaways for 2024

Last Updated on December 19, 2023 by Rachel Leone

2024's hottest swag giveaways

Wondering what's hot in promotional products this year?

Every year I start with a predictions post to try to guess which custom products will do the best for the upcoming year. Below are 10 product categories that I think are about to be huge. Do you think any of these custom logo products will be the hottest of 2024? We'll soon find out!


Why are products made from bamboo becoming so popular? It's eco-friendly, sturdy, and looks great. They're a great way to show that your company or organization cares about sustainability. And here's a fun fact: Bamboo is actually a type of grass! Here are three great products made from bamboo.

Desk Accessories

Whether working from home or in the office, lots of people work at a desk every day. That's why desk accessories, especially more ergonomic ones, are a thoughtful giveaway idea for many. Every desk accessory we carry can be custom imprinted with your business's logo and message for an amazing giveaway that lasts years.


I'm a big advocate for unusual or funny promotional items, especially when they still serve a function. Who doesn't love something that's comically tiny? These silly little giveaways are bound to be a hit at your next trade show, and I think they'll be trendy in 2024.

Wireless Tech

I don't see this trend going anywhere anytime soon. My business customers love wireless tech for any personalized VIP gift. These are also bound to be the most impressive giveaways at any trade show or conference and could get you some coveted word-of-mouth marketing.


One of the fastest-growing trends throughout the last couple of years has been a focus on skincare, for men as well as women. Giving out skincare items with your logo will remind recipients that you care about them. Plus, they'll likely look at the items every day when they do their skincare routine.

Multipurpose Tools

Think about it: it's more affordable to buy one tool that does 4 things than 4 tools that each only do one thing. These tools aren't just handy, with price points of many less than $4 a piece; they're affordable promotional products sure to get a ton of use. They're also one-size-fits-all making them an ideal giveaway at tradeshows and conferences.


2023 was the year of Barbie and Taylor Swift. I predict these hyperfeminine cultural icons will continue influencing trends into 2024, and custom rhinestoned promotional items will be all the rage. I imagine these products being popular for women-owned businesses and conferences. What better way to stand out from competitors than bringing the sparkle?

Sport-Inspired Items

I think these sporty products are going to be popular team spirit giveaways this year. Even if not everyone is into watching sports, these can be fun items to bring your office together. These could be fantastic giveaways for organizations that hold 5ks or other sporty fundraisers.

Hair Accessories

In 2024, hair accessories like claw clips, hair bows, and even banana clips (they're coming back, I'm calling it now!) are poised to become a sought-after product category due to their versatile and fashionable appeal. As functional and stylish items, they present a unique opportunity to create memorable and on-trend promotional giveaways.

Ring Lights

Ring lights have become a popular product due to the prominence of virtual events, video content creation, and remote work. As an essential tool for achieving well-lit and professional-looking presentations, ring lights offer practical value within the digital landscape while providing a prominent space for branding.