Personalized Holiday Gifts for Clients or Employees

Personalized Holiday Gifts for Clients or Employees

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Rachel Leone

Shopping for custom corporate holiday gifts and wondering what products your customers and clients really want?

When it comes to shopping for corporate holiday gifts for your employees or your clients, it should be a fun and positive experience. That's why we take the time to create these curated lists.

Whether you're looking for personalized gifts to give from your business to your favorite client(s), or a thoughtful gift for your hard-working employees, we've got you covered. We carry thousands of great promotional products, but rather than sorting, filtering, and searching, I'm just going to show you my client's favorite products and the custom logo gifts that are trending this year.

According to a recent ASI survey about corporate holiday gift giving:

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How do you choose a great corporate gift?

  • Choose thoughtfully. You're going to want to select a gift that your clients and employees will find tasteful. They'll appreciate that you took the time to choose something thoughtful and avoided picking cliche gifts.
  • Style. Nearly 40% of companies give custom apparel as a corporate holiday gift, and if you fall into this category choose apparel that people will actually wear. It's also a good idea to not go overboard with branding and messaging and choose colors people will want to wear. Blues, blacks, and grays are typically all safe choices.
  • Quality. If you only give one gift per year, make sure it's a high-quality one. If you're choosing between a few options, don't be afraid to spend a little more for a premium gift during the holidays. Your customers and clients will notice and appreciate it.
  • Wants/needs. You always strive to pick a give that recipients either want or a need, but this can be tough when you're ordering in bulk, so give it some thought. Is there something your recipients really need this year? Or is there a gift they just wouldn't buy for themselves? Those are great places to start to get inspired.
  • Useful. If you can't find a want or need, then make sure you choose a gift that will get a ton of use. Your clients or employees will think of you every time it comes in handy!

PRO TIP: Order early and not only will you get a jump start on your shopping, but you'll also avoid rush charges. Santa plans well in advance to avoid tolls and gas increases. What about you?

Below are a few corporate holiday gift trends and products to inspire you this year!

TREND 1. Food still reigns supreme.

While most gifts are given to an individual, sometimes it makes sense to please a whole department, office or family. Everybody loves food and it’s pretty much a universal gift that pleases everyone! Plus with food gifts, no one is ever forgotten or left out. Some crowd-pleasers? Popcorn, pretzels, chocolate, candy, and everyone's favorite liquid snack, wine. Snacks and candy sweeten gift giving for every industry, age group, or demographic.

45 Piece Chocolate Sampler

Everyone in the office will enjoy this double layer 45-piece chocolate sampler. It features dark and milk chocolates and comes in a festive customizable gift box. 

Shelf-Stable Party Starter

This is one of our best-selling party platters because it contains a little something for everyone. It even comes with an imprinted bamboo cutting board. Did I mention it pairs well with wine?

Etched Chardonnay White Wine

For those who have been really good this year, we also carry a wide variety of personalized wines (reds, whites, sparkling, and non-alcoholic) including this popular Chardonnay. 

TREND 2. Bags top the luxury list.

Bags are one of our go-to items for executive gifts. Two of our favorites are made by Cutter & Buck® and more than a handful of clients have told me that these were one of the best gifts they’ve ever received. Yes, they're high-end, but aren’t some of your clients worth it? I bet your staff will love these too!

20" Leather Duffel Bag

This 20" duffel bag by Cutter & Buck® is made from genuine leather and features antique brass hardware. I call it the Goldilocks of bags because it's just right for a week of travel. 

19" Cotton Duffel Bag

Similar to the leather bag above, but a little smaller and made from cotton to keep costs down. This duffel bag has premium features and looks without the premium price tag.

TREND 3. Coasters are cool again.

Customized coasters are trending because they’re an excellent executive gift that is both functional and reasonably priced. Common options include a PVC-style that can be printed in one color or many, debossed or embossed. Our favorite is the laser-engraved custom bamboo coaster. Most coasters can be packaged individually making them a great idea for a larger gift program geared to multiple employees or customers.

Bamboo Coaster Set

Did you know that bamboo is a naturally antimicrobial substance and also renewable? A great choice if you're looking for thoughtful, eco-friendly, custom gifts this year.

TREND 4. Fleece fits all.

When you think fleece this holiday season, traditional outerwear is a favorite, but do you know we also carry beanies, blankets, and scarves? These one-size-fits-all alternatives will really simplify your corporate holiday shopping this year. My favorite is the personalized Polar Fleece Blanket. These are great for employees, your top customers, or as a way to warm up prospects.

Full-zip Fleece Jacket

This full-zip fleece jacket by Port Authority® is one of my most popular fleece jackets. It's full of style and packs many of the premium features at an affordable pricepoint. 

Polar Fleece Blanket

This 50" x 60" polar fleece blanket is warm and comfortable and makes a wonderful (and functional) holiday gift. Choose from 15 colors and customize with your logo! One-size-fits-all too!

TREND 5. Everyone loves tech.

Techy gifts are still as trendy as ever, and this year's "must-have" products include truly wireless earbuds, Qi chargers, and RocketBooks. In many cases, these tech products can also be a one-size-fits-all solution making them not only a hot gift but a time saver for you!

Truly Wireless Ear Buds

A great alternative to the $200+ wireless earbuds sold from the tech giants, these truly wireless earbuds have a similar form factor, can be personalized, and cost hundreds less. 

Custom Apple AirPods Pro

If price isn't a concern, Apple AirPods Pro make for an amazing corporate holiday gift. Minimum quantities start at just one, so if there's a client or an employee who's been extra good this year, why not spoil them?

Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Many of today's premium mobile phones come with wireless charging, but wireless chargers are often not included, making these Qi charging pads a highly desirable holiday gift. 


This seemingly ordinary notebook is actually a high-tech digital notetaking device. It integrates with desktops and mobile devices and makes notetaking fun and easy again. 

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