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Personalized Holiday Gifts for Clients or Employees

Personalized Holiday Gifts for Clients or Employees

Searching for great personalized holiday gifts to get your clients or employees this year?

Here are my top 5 trends for tasteful, stylish and useful holiday gifts your clients and employees will actually want!

At Leone Marketing Solutions, we stay on top of the latest trends to make it easy to start your corporate holiday shopping. Order today and not only will you can get a jump start on your shopping, you'll avoid rush charges. Santa plans well in advance to avoid tolls and gas increases. What about you?

Check out this year's trendiest personalized holiday gifts:


Food is King

While most gifts are given to an individual, sometimes it makes sense to please a whole department, office or family. Everybody loves food and it’s pretty much a universal gift that pleases everyone’s palate! And, no one is every forgotten or left out. Some crowd pleasers? Popcorn, pretzels, chocolate and of course candy. Snacks and candy sweeten gift giving for every industry, age group or demographic.


Bags Top the Luxury List

Leather bags are one of our go-to items for executive gifts. Our favorite is the leather duffel Cutter & Buck Performance Weekender Bag. More than a handful of clients say this is one of the best gifts they’ve ever received. Yes, it’s a high end gift, but aren’t some of your clients worth it? And, wouldn’t your staff love to receive one too?


Coasters Get Cool!

Customized coasters are trending because they’re an excellent executive gift that are both functional and reasonably priced. Common options include a PVC-style that can be printed in one color or many, debossed or embossed. Note: debossed is a stamp or design into the surface of an object so that it's indented. Our favorite is the laser-engraved custom wood coaster. Most coasters can be packaged individually making them a great idea for a larger gift program geared to multiple employees or customers.


Fleece Fits All

When you think fleece this holiday season, think beyond traditional outerwear. We like fleece ponchos, beanies, blankets, scarves and drawstring backpacks as they’re always in style and one size fits all! Our favorite is the personalized Polar Fleece Blanket. These make great warm and wonderful gifts that are presented in a box, with a handwritten note – perfect for your top customers, or to warm up a prospect.


Everybody Loves Tech

Tech promo items are still trendy as ever and include wireless speakers, headphones, power banks and phone chargers. Think about the types of retail tech products you’d like to receive and let us source the best selections for you. Almost anything can be branded with your company logo. Take a look at one of our top recommendations, the Silicone Speaker with Phone Stand.

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Products of the Week!

Fleece Roll Up Blanket

This personalized fleece roll up blanket makes a great gift for clients or employees. Made from polyester fleece, it's the perfect on-the-go warm up blanket. 47W x 53"H - Available in 5 colors. 

Iceberg Fleece Full-Zip Vest
Keep your clients warm and your prospects warmer with a personalized Iceberg Fleece Full-Zip Vest 13.75 oz. (linear) 100% polyester; Pill-resistant; Nylon-reinforced pockets; Elastic bottom hem; Side-seam pockets; Available in Black, Navy and Charcoal.

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