Branded Webcam Covers

Branded webcam covers are one of the hottest promotional items these days.

In 2016 Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo to Instagram and keen eyed viewers noticed that Mark placed a piece of tape over his webcam. Later that year, former FBI director James Comey admitted to putting tape over his webcam at a security conference.

Now I don't have any proof that the increase in popularity of webcam covers is directly related to those two events, but I can tell you that these items have become VERY popular lately.

Who are branded webcam covers good for?

  • These make great giveaways for financial institutions, IT companies, security companies and pretty much any business that's concerned with privacy.
  • Anyone with a webcam can use these, so they're great for folks with laptops and tablets too.

Why are branded webcam covers so popular?

  • You'd think we'd hear more about cases of people being spied on if this was really a huge concern, but like the two stories above, there seems to be enough buzz and security fears that people aren't willing to take the risk.
  • They're great for exhibitors because webcam covers are affordable, small and lightweight, making them easily transported to and from events.
  • They're kinda techy, and people love techy giveaways.

Why not just use a piece of tape?

  • Let's be honest, tape looks dumpy! Come on Zuck, you've got billions. How about ordering 30k for your employees 🙂

And like most of the products you'll find online, there's so many options. My goal is always to make this easy for my customers, so here are my 4 favorites.

And if you have questions or need help ordering, call me for one-on-one assistance!


Webcam Cover with Booklet

This webcam cover is really cool because it comes with a customizable single or double fold brochure which can be designed to include instructions and your own branded marketing messaging. 


Webcam Cover w/ Standard Packaging

Don't need a booklet, but you'd still like to brand the packaging? Here's a clever solution. Packaging options include post card, business card or bulk first class mailer.


Ultra Thin Webcam Cover

This highly customizable custom webcam cover comes in 8 base colors plus an optional custom card. Printing options include 1 color, full color or even full bleed! Another great choice!


Simple Webcam Cover

Want to keep it simple? Here's my most affordable custom webcam cover.  Choose from 10 colors, add your logo and you've got a great giveaway for your next conference or tradesheow. 

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