My Favorite Premium Promotional Pens

Popular Premium Promotional Pens

Last Updated on March 16, 2020 by Rachel Leone

Premium pens are popular affordable giveaways prospects and customers appreciate.

Let's face it, we live in a world where everyone is obsessed with technology. Everywhere you look, you see mobile phones, tablets, wearables, 4K UHD TVs, drones and within a few years, we'll start to see self-driving cars. Crazy, right?

Even with all this technology, would you believe me if I told you that one of the most popular promotional products today is still the good old fashioned pen?

A little hard to believe, but it's true! As high tech gadgets continue to increase in popularity, pens have actually increased in value.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal study, pen sales rose 4.9% to
(8.5 billion) worldwide!

How have promotional pens evolved in our technology obsessed world?

A trend we're seeing lately is the merging of traditional pens and technology. Many popular executive pens feature amenities such as styluses, comfort grips, and even LED lights. With that in mind, there's still no replacement for a strong, solid, beautiful executive pens and we carry, sell, and customize many of those too.

Are promotional pens still popular?

You bet! According to another recent study from the Advertising Special Institute (ASI), more than half of its consumers (56%) own a logo’d writing instrument. This tells me, that if you pick the right pen, people will hang on to them!

How long do people keep promotional pens?

Another study shows that the average consumer keeps a pen for about six months! Now I don't' have numbers to back this up, but I assume that a person would hold onto a premium promotional pen for even longer.

Are premium promotional pens a good value?

While premium promotional pens are more expensive than their plastic counterparts, when you consider the number of impressions you get over the 6 months your average person keeps a promotional pen, that's a great value. Dollar for dollar, promotional pens are one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand!


Vigor Metal Pen

This sleek and durable metal pen features hybrid ink and comes in a premium SwissForce© black tin gift box with foam inserts.


Santorini Torch

This executive multi-function pen comes in 4 high-gloss enamel colors and features a smooth writing ballpoint and LED flashlight.


Helius Metal Pen

Available in a white, black, or blue matte finish, this contemporary metal pen features hybrid ink and comes in a deluxe black tin box. 


Sonata™ Comfort Stylus

The upgraded version of the popular Sonata pen features a rubberized comfort finish and a handy stylus that works with all touch screen devices. 


Insignia Metal Pen

The Insignia premium metal pen from Swiss Force® is a classic twist-action pen that comes packaged beautifully in a sleek black tin. 


Farella® Stylus

Featuring a microfiber stylus, the Farella Stylus has the look and feel of a premium executive pen with the benefits of a multifunctional pen. 


Vitale Metal Pen

This high polished, metallic twist-action pen has a unique modern triangular design and includes a black tin gift box with foam inserts.


Zonita® Stylus

Three reasons I love this pen. It feels amazing, it's perfectly balanced, and it's available in a beautiful, sleek white enamel. 

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