Antimicrobial Pens

Antimicrobial Pens

Antimicrobial pens are treated with a special additive that protects against harmful bacteria, fungus, and mold. 

Promotional pens are consistently one of the most popular products we carry and now you can get them with special antimicrobial coatings which help prevent the growth and spread of germs.

Whether you're looking to replace your existing promotional pens or just looking for a trendy marketing promotion to drum up business, these are some of the hottest products I carry right now. Check out the post below to learn more about antimicrobial coatings and view a handful of my recommended antimicrobial pens.

According to the manufacturer, the antimicrobial additive used on these pens neutralizes
of active bacteria.

What is the difference between "antibacterial and antimicrobial?"

  • Simply put, antibacterial means that the coating is rated to kill bacterial only
  • Antimicrobial kills bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause illnesses.

How long does the antimicrobial coating last?

Each product is a little different and these haven't been available for long, but the manufacturers claim that the antimicrobial coating lasts for the life of the product.

Are there lots of options available?

Unfortunately, as of writing, we're limited to a handful of pen styles, but there are many colors to choose from and more styles coming soon. The styles currently available are very customizable and quite nice looking.

You can always check my online store or call for one-on-one assistance and help with finding hot new antimicrobial products.


Prima Antimicrobial Pen

Available in 4 colors, this click-action pen features a popular hourglass shape and messaging to let recipients know they're using an antimicrobial pen. 


Sterilizer Ballpoint Pen

Recipients will love this antimicrobial retractable pen. It comes with black ink and features a generous imprint area for logos and messaging. 


Clic Stic® Antimicrobial Pen

The classic BIC® Clic Stic® is now available with an antimicrobial coating. Available in 5 popular colors. Just add your logo and message!


Full Color Antimicrobial Pen

With its digital full-color printing, antimicrobial coating, great looks, and 6 hot accent colors, you've got a winning promotional pen. 

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