Happy woman throwing a personalized frisbee at a parade - headline "Trending: Personalized Parade Giveaways"

Personalized Parade Giveaways

Last Updated on May 18, 2023 by Rachel Leone

Happy woman throwing a personalized frisbee at a parade - headline "Trending: Personalized Parade Giveaways"

Instead of the usual candy toss, try these parade throws instead!

Imagine the delight on spectators' faces as they catch your unique promotional items. Whether it's a vibrant 4th of July celebration, a spirited St. Patrick's Day parade, or a local community event, these throwable swag giveaways will make your brand shine.

How do you market your business at a parade?

Tossing candy to spectators is cheap and easy, and everyone does it. However, it's not as memorable as customizing an item with your logo and throwing it to the crowd!

Here are two easy ways to market your business at parades with promotional items.

  1. Choose a promotional that matches your brand and budget and add your business details to increase brand awareness and drive traffic. Customize your giveaway with your name, logo, and URL. And don't forget to use all your imprint area to market to your audience. Tell recipients what you do and why they should care.
  2. Try using a QR code with a special offer to increase engagement and measure your marketing efforts. Create an intriguing offer and tell folks they can get it by scanning the QR code. Or have fun by asking trivia questions. Driving traffic to your website will increase your exposure and help with SEO. If you use unique landing pages and forms for each event, you'll be able to track how many visitors and leads your promotion generates. That's clever marketing!

Instead of throwing candy like everyone else, make a lasting impression with these personalized parade giveaways.

The Mini Pop Fidget keychain, a fun and safely thrown promotional tool made of high-quality silicone is an ideal giveaway for parades, designed to entertain children while prominently featuring your company's logo.

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $1.06 ea.

Made from 18pt card stock and featuring a glued wooden handle, choose from 19 different shapes and add your organization's logo and message to create the perfect giveaway for keeping parade viewers cool this summer!

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $1.24 ea.

This 3.5" combo of SPF 15 lip balm and SPF 30 sunscreen, offering broad-spectrum protection and a four-color logo imprint, is a practical and attractive parade giveaway.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $2.01 ea.

This stylish accessory, featuring a 33" strand necklace with 7mm colorful beads and a customizable 2.5" white medallion is an eye-catching promotional product perfect for parades, tradeshows, and conventions.

Min. Quantity 150, ≤ $1.50 ea.

Lightweight, safe, fun, and easy to throw to parade crowds, these 10" foam flyers can be personalized with your business's logo and message. Available in 9 popular colors. Sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $2.58 ea.

Available in 12 hot colors, these affordable foam football stress balls are perfect for throwing at rallies, homecoming, and parades. Customize with your logo, and recipients will know you support the local team.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $1.32 ea.

Here's another memorable promotional giveaway that won't break the bank. Silicone wristbands feature color-filled imprinted graphics that make your logo stand out. Plus, they're easy to transport and distribute!

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $1.32 ea.

This classic plastic flying disc makes a great giveaway at parades, festivals, and most outdoor events. Each disc features a large 3" x 3" imprint area and comes in your choice of 4 popular colors.

Min. Quantity 150, ≤ $2.80 ea.

Bubbles are hit at any parade because they're fun, easy, and inexpensive. Small enough to be thrown from a float, this personalized bubble dispenser has a small wand and a matching break-away neck cord. Available in 5 bright colors, you'll have plenty of room for your logo.

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $1.74 ea.

For added memorability, choose items that work with the parade's theme. For example, when accompanying your float through a 4th of July parade, use this red, white, and blue beach ball. How cool would your logo look flying all over? Talk about a lasting memory!

Min. Quantity 150, ≤ $1.33 ea.

Did your team win the big game? Make some noise and associate the winners with these excellent Pom Pom sticks. Your brand will most certainly stand out in the crowd with these noisemakers. Imagine watching your company logo throughout the parade route.

Min. Quantity 500, ≤ $3.50 ea.

Everyone gets thirsty at parades, especially in the summer months. So why not have some bottled water on hand with your logo proudly displayed? This custom logo'd bottled water is 100% recyclable and relatively affordable. Be remembered as the thoughtful company that kept the crowd hydrated!

Min. Quantity 240, ≤ $1.25 ea.

This premium can holder is perfect for outdoor events and sports-themed promotions. Can coolers are easily throwable, affordable, and 'cool' giveaways for parades.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $0.99 ea.

These folding disc flyers are soft, easy to throw, and at roughly $1 apiece, extremely affordable. Proudly display your organization's logo, slogan, and personal message at an upcoming parade!

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $1.17 ea.

We also carry patriotic products!

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