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Custom Cannabis Promotional Products

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Rachel Leone

CannabisIndustry Promotional Items

What's the best way to market a cannabis dispensary?

The laws and regulations differ in every state, so please check your local regulations. Some states have stringent rules and some are very lenient. If you run a dispensary you're probably somewhat familiar with what you legally can and cannot giveaway, sell, and imprint on a promotional item, so please double-check state laws before you place an order.

According to a recent study, the Cannabis industry is expected to be valued OVER
(90 billion) by the year 2026.

Should I use swag products to promote my dispensary?

If you've done your homework, understand the regulations, and are lucky enough to be in a state that allows for the use of branded promotional products (a.k.a. swag), then the answer is YES!

No matter the industry, custom logo'd promotions are an amazing way to build loyalty with existing customers and introduce new customers to your product, service, and brand.

Are custom cannabis promotional items expensive?

Not always. Many of the products we sell start under $2.00 per piece, and items like smell-proof mylar bags and custom logo pre-rolled cones start well under $1.00 each.

We also carry more expensive promotional products like custom metal rolling trays and branded apparel too. No matter your budget, we should be able to find the perfect promotion for you!

What promotional products do you recommend for promoting a dispensary?

These high-quality 5" x 8.14" mylar bags store up to .5 oz. of product and feature a resealable closure that seals in freshness and prevents leakage.

Min. Quantity 10,000, ≤ $0.45 ea.

The custom imprinted pre-rolled cones literally put your brand at your client's fingertips. A great promotional item for saving time and energy!

Min. Quantity 700, ≤ $0.55 ea.

This 116mm pre-roll tube is made from hemp bioplastic and features a certified child-resistant pop top. Available with full-color label or direct print.

Min. Quantity 1,000, ≤ $0.60 ea.

This child-resistant lighter features a built-in bottle opener, gloss plastic finish, rounded edges, and a thickened wall for improved safety.

Min. Quantity 300, ≤ $1.20 ea.

With full-color printing on the booklet and box, these custom rolling papers are an affordable way to get your brand in front of customers.

Min. Quantity 1,000, ≤ $1.45 ea.

These custom-branded, ultrathin, slow-burning rolling papers are a great affordable promotion for dispensaries and smokeshops.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $1.50 ea.

BIC lighters are synonymous with reliability, quality, and affordability. Good for 3000 lights, which means 3000 brand impressions! Available in 20 colors.

Min. Quantity 300, ≤ $1.80 ea.

Featuring a child-resistant lid and clear glass bottom, this 2" x 5" jar can be custom imprinted, making it a stylish way to hold your product.

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $1.85 ea.

This reusable, recyclable, and hand-washable tote is made from Non-Woven Polypropylene and features a cardboard bottom gusset.

Min. Quantity 150, ≤ $2.60 ea.

At 10.5" x 6", these metal rolling trays are ideal for displing your name, logo, and marketing messaging. Other sizes and colors are available!

Min. Quantity 50, ≤ $4.75 ea.

Made from 100% cotton, this tee features a seamless double-needle collar, sleeve, and bottom hems. Available in a ton of sizes and great colors!

Min. Quantity 96, ≤ $14.80 ea.