Happy adult man with a custom lanyard and badge holder

Custom Lanyards & Badge Holders

Last Updated on February 18, 2023 by Rachel Leone

Happy adult man with a custom lanyard and badge holder

An affordable and practical way to promote your brand!

Custom lanyards and badge holders are perfect for trade shows, conferences, and in-person events. Quantities range from 100s to 10'000+, so no matter the size of the event you're hosting (or attending), we have you covered! Below you'll find a few of my customer's favorites!

Many of our lanyards can be customized with your logo, phone, website, and marketing message.

Lanyard features can vary from traditional metal "bulldog" clips to more uncommon attachment styles like hooks and loops. Some even have clever features like USB and lightning cables built-in.

Who purchases custom lanyards and badge holders?

  • Trade shows and exhibition centers - Custom lanyards are a must-have for visitors.
  • Concert and performing arts venues - Ideal for holding passes and kept as keepsakes.
  • Conventions - If you're holding an event with lots of people, custom lanyards and badges are popular ways for people to get to know each other.
  • Non-profits and charitable organizations - Perfect for annual events.
  • Sports and Music Venues - Ideal for keeping track of attendees, security, vendors, and press.
  • Schools and Higher Education - A great way to keep your student ID safe and secure while showing off your school spirit.
  • Hospitals and medical facilities - Quickly identify personnel.
  • Travel and Hospitality - Great for keeping room keys, passports, itineraries, tickets, and paperwork safe and secure.
  • Corporations - If security is a concern, badges are an easy way to keep track of employees and visitors as they come and go.
  • Government Agencies - From local municipalities to big government agencies, many require ID to get into restricted areas.

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, the trade show industry contributed

105 billion

to the U.S. economy in 2019.

Available in 9 hot colors, this popular custom lanyard features a breakaway safety release. Priced well below $2 each, this is an affordable bulk buy for offices, hospitals, and schools.

This Lanyard/Badge holder combo is available in over 25 colors and features a clear vinyl ID holder and your choice of attachment accessories. The minimum quantity is only 100.

Made from polyester, this 3/8" open-ended lanyard features double bulldog clips, making it ideal for facemasks and the medical industry. Choose from 6 corporate colors. Sold unimprinted.

Ideal for storing cell phones and valuables, this ID holder has multiple pockets and a clear vinyl window. Features include an adjustable neckband with a breakaway release and a carabiner.

This 3/4" lanyard's unique feature is the multi-color imprint technique which allows for vibrant, colorful imprints on the inside or outside. This is a fantastic option when you want to match your event branding.

Perfect for keys and badges, this 1.25" plastic reel has a metal spring clip and a retractable 30" cord. Features 4-color imprinting. 3-day service available. Choose from 12 popular colors.

This multi-function lanyard is ideal for meetings, conventions, and trade shows. Featuring a charging cable and pocket for phones, wallets, and business cards, recipients will appreciate this practical promotional gift.

Made for clip-style lanyards and reels, this .25mm thick vinyl badge holder costs well under $1 each, making it an affordable add-on for many orders.

Designed for concerts, sporting events, and VIP engagements, this oversized vinyl pass holder attaches securely to lanyards and badge reels. Insert Size 4"x7-1/2".