Custom Insulated Bottles

Custom Insulated Water Bottles

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Rachel Leone

Insulated bottles are a trendy promotional product and an excellent way to promote your business!

Something you may have noticed lately is the popularity of reusable insulated water bottles (thermal drinkware). These awesome bottles aren't just for water, you can use them for coffee, cola, tea, and even soup. We sell these custom insulated water bottles in bulk, so if you're interested in purchasing large quantities and need some advice and/or recommendations, this post is for you!

According to a study on Research and Markets, some of the factors driving this increased interest in insulated water bottles are activities like camping, hiking, fitness, and travel.

Because of this rise in popularity, we're seeing exciting new designs, colors, finishes, and features. All of these custom water bottles can be personalized with your company's logo and message!

According to Research and Markets, "By the year 2023, the US hydration bottle market is expected to reach an estimated
That's a 4.8% compound annual growth rate from 2018-2023!

Why do insulated water bottles make a great promotion?

  • Tons of options. Colors, finishes, features, shapes, sizes, there are so many choices available. You won't have a problem finding something unique.
  • Imprints look amazing. Screen printing is the method most often used for adding logos, and it looks beautiful, especially on powder-coated bottles.
  • Environmentally conscious. Because these bottles can be used over and over, you'll feel good about not creating more plastic waste.
  • People love them. Insulated bottles are trending products with all age groups.
  • Year-round - hot or cold. These bottles are insulted, meaning you can use them for hot or cold drinks which is great for year-round enjoyment.
  • Fair price and great value. Ranging from around $7 to $16 each, insulated water bottles are well-priced and a great value. According to a recent ASI survey, "people who own water bottles, use them 2-3 per week", meaning people are going to use this product often.

Who buys insulated water bottles?

As mentioned in the first paragraph, if you're in the camping, hiking, or fitness, travel industries, insulated bottles are a no-brainer. Regardless of your industry, you may have customers, employees, or prospects who enjoy those activities as well.

These bottles make an excellent gift for commuters and students. They're a fun onboarding gift for new staff, and they're a great way to say, "thank you" to new, important, or loyal customers.

In terms of industries and businesses I've worked closely with, I've helped a handful of banks (financial industry), insurance providers (insurance industry), staffing agencies, IT companies and even schools/higher ed (education industry), but these really are great for just about anyone.

Thinking custom water bottles are a good fit to market your business? Check out my favorites below!


16.9 oz. H2go Lodge - Powder

Great for traveling and available in 6 popular powder-coated matte colors, this custom thermal bottle features a clever magnetic cup/lid. 


16.9 oz. H2go Essen

This handy thermal bottle features an extra-wide threaded lid/bowl, making it an excellent choice for soups and even hot meals on-the-go. 


64 oz. H2go Bubba Growler

This gigantic 64 oz. thermal growler features a dual-opening lid, wide drinking spout, hinged cap, and an integrated carrying handle.


25 oz. H2go Noir - Powder

This powder-coated stainless steel bottle features a double-wall copper vacuum insulation, which keeps drinks hot and color for hours. Plus, it looks great!


16 oz. Contigo Luxe

Stainless on the exterior and interior, this insulated bottle features a clever autoseal threaded lid and one-touch push-button locking mechanism. 


20.9 oz. Polar Insulated Tumbler

This thermal bottle turns heads with its powder-coated finish, high polish accents, and acrylic push-on swivel lid. A fantastic choice for VIP giveaways. 


16.9 oz. H2go Scout - Powder

The H2go Scout double-wall stainless steel thermal bottle features a treaded dual opening, carrying handle, stainless base, and powder coat finish. Available in 10 great colors!


20 oz. H2go Relay - Powder

Available in 7 powder-coated colors, the H2go Relay is a great bottle for everyday use. With a matching carrying loop and polished accents, it's good looking and functional. 


20.9 oz. H2go Aria - Powder

At nearly 21 ounces, the Aria stainless steel thermal bottle is a fantastic choice. It comes in 9 powder-coated colors with stainless accents and features a matching threaded insulated lid.


9 oz. H2go Remi - Powder

At just 9 ounces, the Remi is one of the smallest bottles available. It comes in 7 hot colors and features stainless steel accents and a clear push-on acrylic lid.


20.9 oz. H2go Cerro

This bottle features copper vacuum insulation, a threaded insulated lid, a carrying handle with silicone matching accent, and stainless steel rim.


17 oz. H2go Force - High Polish

Available in copper, gold, or platinum, the H2go Force is an elegant and beautiful stainless steel water bottle and a great choice for VIPs. 


16.9 oz. H2go Omni - Powder

The Omni is sized and shaped to feel like a classic pint glass. It's available in 8 beautiful powder coated colors and features a stylish polished rim. 


25 oz H2go Concord

The massive H2go Concord holds 25 ounces of hot or cold liquids and features a stainless steel lid and handy retaining loop. Available in 9 colors. 


12 oz. Hudson

The 12 oz. Hudson is the ideal shape and size for coffee, tea, or latte drinkers. This commuter-friendly tumbler comes in 6 classic colors and keeps drinks hot or cold all day. 

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