Custom Label / Branded Bottle Water

Branded Bottled Water – Buyers Guide

Looking to put your company's logo on bottled water?

Keep it simple! Choose one of these popular branded bottled waters.

Branded bottled water is a great way to keep your company, non-profit, team or school top of mind and well hydrated.  Many of my clients like to keep branded bottled water on hand for visitors or pass them out at events.

Labels can all be customized with a special logo or message. Our supplier bottles 100% natural spring water at the source with a fully automated bottling process that is not touched by human hands and are committed to completely recyclable material made from PET plastic.

Look, I know you're busy, so I wanted to make the buying process easy for you, so I've narrowed this post down to my 3 most popular bottles ranging from small (8oz), medium (12 oz) to large (16.9 oz).

Check out all 3 branded bottle waters. 


8 oz Aquatek Bottled Water

This 8 oz. Aquatek Bottle is my most popular small bottle. Your logo or marketing message will be protected by the waterproof label. Perfect for hotels or a thirst quencher at a race or sporting event, this branded water bottle is small but mighty. 


12 oz Bottled Water

At 12 oz, this is my most popular medium sized branded bottled. A great giveaway at events, I've had banks, schools/college, teams, non-profits all put custom logos on these water bottles.  The water tastes great and each bottle is 100% recyclable. 


16.9 oz Bottled Water

With a stylish "euro" bullet shape, this 16.9 oz is my favorite large branded water bottle. These bottles have large customizable labels and are available with three cap color options. These larger bottles will keep your special guests hydrated all day! 

Concerned about plastic bottles?

A big concern I hear from my clients is that plastic bottles are bad for the environment. A solution is to provide water stations and reusable water bottles. If this is an option you'd like to explore, I encourage you to check out my water bottle buyers guide!