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The Best Promotional Calendars for Business

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Rachel Leone

Customize these promotional calendars with your logo and stay top of mind all year!

I love physical calendars. They're a wonderful promotional giveaway and many of my clients order them year after year. Some choose to put these in envelopes and mail them to their customers, while others give them away throughout the year.

Does your business have important appointments that you don't want your customers to miss? Give them a calendar with your logo and handwrite each appointment on the calendar with a custom note. It's a thoughtful gift with a personal touch.

Why bother with a physical calendar if everyone has a calendar app on their phone these days?

Digital calendars tend to be our personal calendars, which is great for one person while physical calendars can be shared easily making them useful for busy families with lots going on.

My wall calendar is filled with sporting events, pickups, drop-offs, meetings, and everything else going on each month. The idea of a communal shared calendar is why I believe that physical calendars will never go away.

Who buys personalized calendars?

Basically any businesses whose target audience is families. We're talking schools, doctors, dentists, and even real estate agents. If you have a list of clients/customers you want to keep in touch with, calendars might be worth considering.

Calendars are great for business with lots of employees too! They're a subtle reminder to employees to stay on schedule. If you're a big institution, a pocket calendar may just be something you give to everyone. I see this a lot in the financial industry with banks, financial planners, and mortgage brokers.

Unsure if people still use calendars?

Here's a test you can do yourself.  Next time you go to a business or an office, take a look at people's desk areas. I can almost guarantee you see a few physical calendars hanging around. As much as we all love our tech, it's usually quicker to glance over at a calendar versus fishing around in your pockets looking for your phone, waiting for it to unlock, and launching an app.


Calendar / Memo Magnet w/ Clip

Perfect for filing cabinets, refrigerators, or other metal surfaces, this magnetic calendar features a memo clip and dry erase pen for easy note taking.


Add-A-Pad Calendar

This clever magnetic calendar features a punch-out section that produces 2 business card sized magnets. It can also stand on its own like a tent. 


New England Themed Calendar

Featuring unmistakable New England landmarks such as lighthouses, covered bridges, and coastal views, this 13-month calendar is a popular choice.


Planner with Custom Cover

This 8.5 x 11" sized planner has a large customizable full-color cover which makes this a great marketing giveaway or handout for employees. 


Span-A-Year Calendar

Need to see the year at a glance, here's a perfect solution. This poster-sized calendar (22 x 29") comes un-laminated for easy writing. 


Desk Calendar Pad with Vinyl Corners

This full-color desk calendar pad is sized to 22 x 17" and comes with a vinyl pad. It's available in a few styles, so contact me to customize it! 


Weekly Planner

Never miss an appointment with this 7.5 x 10.25" leatherette weekly planner! View and schedule weekly appointments quickly in hourly blocks.


Pocket Monthly Planner

This pocket-sized 3.5 x 6" monthly pocket planner lets you view events a month at a time. Available with a gold imprint on 4 great colors. 


Yearly Calendar Magnet

This approx. 3 x 5" magnetic yearly calendar is available with a 2 or 4 color imprint and can be customized with your logo and messaging.  

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