Microfiber Screen Cleaner

All-in-one Microfiber Screen Cleaner – Hot Product

Keeping your touchscreen devices clean and fingerprint-free can be a hassle, but these all-in-one microfiber screen cleaners make it easy!

Let's face it, we all have so many touchscreen devices these days. Whether its a watch, phone, tablet, or even desktop, it's really easy to get them gunked up with grime and fingerprints.

If you have dirty devices, I have a solution that my clients absolutely rave about. It makes a great gift, a leave-behind at meetings or speaking events, and it's one of my favorite table giveaways at trade shows and conferences. This handy all-in-one screen cleaner has quickly become one of my most reordered products, and that says a lot about its price, quality, and just how useful this product is.

What features make this microfiber cleaner my favorite?

  • All-in-one. This product is unique because the microfiber cloth fits snuggly into the plastic cleaner tube, giving your recipients an easy way to carry both items.
  • Works with glasses too. I didn't even mention it, but this is great for cleaning both sunglasses and prescription glasses too.
  • Huge imprint. Unlike some of the smaller bottles of cleaner, this one is a little bigger and gives you a large imprint area for big, bold marketing messages.
  • You've got colors. This screen cleaner gives you the option of four great translucent colors (clear, blue, black, and red.) You can pair this base color with a full-color label to create just about any look you desire.
  • Portable. While it's not the world's smallest screen cleaner, it's compact enough to fit nicely in your pocket, computer bag, briefcase, or pocketbook.
  • Affordable. The CFO's favorite thing to hear, these screen cleaners won't break the bank.
  • Useful. This is something that can be used over and over again by just about anyone. I've even had a handful of my clients tell me that once their recipients ran out, they called to ask where they could get more.

Who buys personalized screen cleaners?

There isn't necessarily one single industry or one type of business that can use these screen cleaners as a promotional item. However, these tend to be very popular with technology companies, telecom businesses, eye doctors, banking and finance, and even attorneys.

According to the research I found, over 81% of American adults own a smartphone, and over 52% own a tablet. Not to mention those of us who wear glasses both sun and prescription.  If you give this away, there's a really good chance this product is going to get used.

Personalized Screen Cleaner Kit

This microfiber and screen cleaner kit measures 1.3" x 4" and easily removes smudges and spots from electronic devices or eyeglasses, plus the vented top allows the microfiber to dry easily between uses.

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