Custom Winter Promotional Products

Winter Promotional Products

Last Updated on October 12, 2023 by Rachel Leone

Custom Winter Promotional Products

Recipients will love these custom winter products!

After years of helping clients with their marketing giveaways, I've found that choosing the best promotional giveaway is equal parts knowing your audience and choosing a product that's perfect for the season. So check out these trendy winter marketing gifts and giveaways to inspire your shopping!

What else makes a great winter giveaway?

When it comes to promotional winter products, warm branded apparel is favorite. We carry all the top brands of gloves, scarves, jackets, and sweatshirts. Other custom winter gift ideas include:

  • Timely gifts like personalized Christmas ornaments and chocolates.
  • Useful promos like customized mugs and fitness bottles are ideal for the fitness and resolution crowd.
  • Handy items like flashlights, ice scrapers, lip balm, or even emergency kits for winter storms.
  • And don't forget one-size-fits-all giveaways like blankets and fleece!

Once you know who your recipients are and how much you want to spend, choosing the perfect gift or giveaway should be easy!

Best of luck with your shopping! If there's something you want and don't see on my list, check my online store or call for one-on-one assistance!

Perfect for the winter months when daylight is at a premium, this mini aluminum flashlight clips to bags or keyrings, so it's always reachable. Customize with your logo and message!

Min. Quantity 500, ≤ $1.25 ea.

These rubber-coated lip balm balls come in 13 hot colors and various flavors. Prices start just over $2 per piece and quantities start as low as 100. Made in the USA.

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $2.25 ea.

Ideal for filing cabinets, refrigerators, or other metal surfaces, this magnetic calendar features a memo clip and dry-erase pen for easy note-taking. This a great marketing giveaway for businesses who schedule appointments.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $2.50 ea.

Start a yearly tradition when you send your favorite clients and employees a personalized Christmas ornament. Add a logo or seasonal message for a truly unique gift. Available in 5 colors. Quantities start at 250.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $3.00 ea.

A new year means personal fitness goals, and this water bottle is a perfect way to keep yourself hydrated. Made in the USA from 25% recycled materials. Available in many solid and translucent bottle colors with mix-and-match caps.

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $3.25 ea.

Made of acrylic, these touchscreen gloves come in 9 bright colors and can be customized with your logo. Perfect for colleges and large businesses!

Min. Quantity 500, ≤ $4.25 ea.

A fantastic marketing gift or giveaway during cold and snowy months, this ice scraper comes with a lambswool-lined hand mitten to keep recipients warm, dry, and happy all winter. Available in Black, Blue, or Red.

Min. Quantity 25, ≤ $5.50 ea.

If you like to swim in your morning coffee, this mug is for you. It features a smooth rim and a glossy finish and comes in 6 corporate colors. This custom logo coffee mug is ideal for trade shows, cafes, or gift shops.

Min. Quantity 72, ≤ $6.75 ea.

This 61" x 10" scarf is made from soft and supple polyester fleece to keep recipients warm and looking great. Choose from 5 popular colors and add your logo or company message for a great corporate gift/giveaway.

Min. Quantity 24, ≤ $8.00 ea.

Tell your clients you've got them covered with a custom polar fleece. Each blanket measures 50" x 60" and comes in fabulous colors. One size fits all.

Min. Quantity 30, ≤ $16.00 ea.

This metal travel mug is fully customizable and comes packed with a custom logo hot cocoa packet. A great personalized gift/giveaway for commuters, students, or employees.

Min. Quantity 25, ≤ $19.50 ea.

Why choose one when you can have all three? This fleece set in a pouch includes a hat, gloves, and a scarf to keep recipients warm and cozy. Add your brand's logo to each piece. Available in Red, Blue, Gray, or Black.

Min. Quantity 12, ≤ $20.00 ea.

This trio of warm, fashionable, knit winter wear includes a beanie, scarf, and touchscreen gloves. Personalize with your logo for a fantastic winter gift! Includes customizable pouch.

Min. Quantity 24, ≤ $23.50 ea.

This 12-piece box of chocolates includes a custom-molded chocolate center. Customize your box with a branded belly wrap.

Min. Quantity 50, ≤ $30.50 ea.

This automotive safety kit includes jumper cables, gloves, a tire gauge, an ice scraper, screwdrivers, a poncho, an SOS banner, and a flashlight. This a great giveaway for local insurance companies.

Min. Quantity 20, ≤ $49.00 ea.

This personalized fleece zip-up jacket is a wonderful gift for businesses with employees in the field, like real estate agents, construction workers, and telecom professionals. Available in 3 color combinations. Customize with your brand's logo and message. Quantities start at just 1!

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $58.00 ea.

Available in 3 colors, this Storm Creek waterproof rain jacket is highly customizable and guaranteed to keep recipients dry all winter. Makes a great premium gift or marketing giveaway.

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $78.00 ea.

Available in both men's and women's, this stylish insulated jacket is perfect for keeping you warm and dry during harsh winter weather. Add a logo for an excellent gift for employees and VIP clients.

Min. Quantity 1, ≤ $106.00 ea.