Various Personalized Chapstick

Personalized Chapstick Buyers Guide

Personalized Chapstick makes a great inexpensive giveaway, but with so many options, how do you pick the right one?

Let me help! Lip balm or "Chapstick" is a popular giveaway for many of my clients, especially in the cold dry winter months. Not only are personalized chapsticks very affordable, they're useful, and useful products mean people hang on to them. Which is great for generating brand awareness.

There's no one industry that chapstick works best for, but from experience, these tend to be really popular with my realtor/real estate clients who make these available at open houses. I also sell to travel agents and insurance companies who give these away at their offices and events. And don't forget the medical industry, especially doctors offices and hospitals who love these for health fairs and waiting rooms.

So how do I know which is right for my business?

It's tough to say for sure without knowing YOUR business, but there are opportunities to pair chapsticks to your demographics or industry (which I'm happy to do with you).

If you're shopping online, you've probably noticed there are TONS of options, and every chapstick is a little different. Many come in fun flavors like apple, blueberry cobbler and bubble gum name a few, making those great for kids/families/schools. Some chapstick provide SPF protection making them a great choice for travelers to hot or cold climates. And some are more traditional, which men seem to like. We even carry ball shaped lip balms which are more like cosmetics.

Bottom line is, chapstick is great for all ages and genders.

Below are 8 of my favorite personalized chapsticks. Each with different features, sizes and flavors. I'm happy to work with you one-on-one if you'd like to place an order, or see other ideas.


Unflavored SPF15 Chapstick

This unflavored chapstick comes with SPF15, which make it a great choice for just about anyone. It's also available in 11 additional flavors if you'd like! 


Vanilla Flavored Lip Moisturizer

Available in 5 colors, this vanilla flavored lip moisturizer keeps lips smooth and soft. Its unique ball shape is perfect for bags, purses or pockets. 


Classic Chapstick

Available in 14 flavors this classic styled chapstick can be customized with your logo or message on a full color label. Makes a great giveaway! 


Classic Lip Balm Ball

This lip balm ball come in 7 different colors and features a soft touch exterior. With it's compact size and vanilla scent it's a popular choice for women. 


Bullet Mini Lip Balm

The mini chapstick is the perfect size for a giveaway at trade shows, hotels, spas, salons and outdoor events. Each contains vitamin E and Aloe!


SPF15 Lip Balm in a Small Metal Tin

This metal tin lip balm is one of the classiest chapsticks I offer, and great for upscale businesses. It comes with SPF15 and is available in 13 flavors. 


Sunscreen/Chapstick Combo

Here's a great way to protect from the sun's harmful rays. This 2-1 product features SPF15 lip balm and SPF30 sunscreen. Perfect for outdoor events!  


SPF15 "Clip Balm"

The handy clip on the lid makes this "Clip Balm" ideal for folks on the go. Includes aloe and Vitamin E to keep your lips moisturized.  

Need help placing your order?

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