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Buyers Guide

Holiday Chocolate Gifts

Holiday Chocolate Gifts – Buyers Guide

Food gifts (especially chocoloate gifts) are a favorite with my corporate customers during the holidays. When done right, food gifts like these chocolates (and snacks) make excellent holiday gifts. The key is to make them classy, interesting and premium. That’s exactly what we do when you work with us. Here are a few reasons my…

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Promotional Calendars for Business

6 Awesome Promotional Calendars for Business

Please note: This was last updated for 2019. If you’d like a different year, please contact me.  Customize these promotional calendars with your logo and stay top of mind all year! I love calendars as a promotional giveaway and so do many of my customers. Some choose to put these in envelopes and mail them…

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Custom Jackets Buyers Guide

Custom Jackets – Buyers Guide

Keep employees, clients and prospects warm this winter with these custom jackets! Custom jackets are an amazing premium gift and one of my favorite VIP promotions every fall/winter. I have a long-term relationship with the vendor, Storm Creek, who can personalize each of these jackets. When you order direct through me (and not online), I…

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Custom Vests

Custom Vests – Buyers Guide

When it comes to custom vests, there’s a few that stand out from the crowd. In the Fall and Spring temperatures can vary from “too hot” to “too cold” in a matter of minutes. Especially if you live in New England like me! Do you have team of employees who spend time outside for work?…

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Custom Label / Branded Bottle Water

Branded Bottled Water – Buyers Guide

Looking to put your company’s logo on bottled water? Keep it simple! Choose one of these popular branded bottled waters. Branded bottled water is a great way to keep your company, non-profit, team or school top of mind and well hydrated.  Many of my clients like to keep branded bottled water on hand for visitors…

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Promotional T-Shirts Buyers Guide Hero image

Promotional T-Shirts – Buyers Guide

With 1000’s of promotional t-shirts to choose from, how do you know which is the right one? You could do what many people do and search online stores and hope you choose the right one. Or you could look for someone with years of experience to help guide you. At Leone Marketing, we’re always here…

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Promotional Drawstring Backbacks

Promotional Drawstring Backpack Buyers Guide

Looking for a perfect give away for your next event or function? Check out these awesome promotional drawstring backpacks! Our clients love drawstring backpacks! They use them for sporting events, school activities, corporate outings and so much more! We thought we would share our favorites and most popular styles with you. Drawstring Backpack with Mesh…

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Promotional Water Bottles Buyers Guide Hero Image

Promotional Water Bottles – Buyers Guide

Stay Hydrated With Promotional Water Bottles! A must for your next marketing campaign! What’s your daily requirement of H20? It varies from person to person, but everyone likes water bottles! Experts even disagree in the amount, but one thing I do know is that logo’d water bottles have skyrocketed in popularity the past few years.…

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Promotional Umbrella Buyers Guide

Promotional Umbrella – Buyers Guide

Make a splash while staying completely dry! Promotional Umbrellas are fashionable and functional and fun!  If there’s one thing we can all count on, it’s that it’s going to rain. Especially if you live somewhere like me (Boston) where the weather can be so unpredictable. The old saying around this parts is, “If you don’t…

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Golf Promotional Products Buyers Guide

Golf Promotional Products – Buyers Guide

Looking for awesome customized Golf promotional products for an event this year? We have access to thousands of customized promotional products! With 1000’s of products available comes lots of choices and decisions to make, and that’s why I’ve put together my short list of my most popular golf promotions. Looking for a great way to…

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