Promotional Ice Scrapers

Promotional Ice Scrapers

Last Updated on December 21, 2020 by Rachel Leone

Promotional Ice Scrapers are a useful marketing giveaway that's perfect for the winter months.

If there are a dozen things I dislike about winter, somewhere high on that list is scraping ice and snow off of my car's windshield. If you know me, you know I have a garage, but... if I'm parked anywhere away from home, I still need to have an ice scraper at the ready for when I'm out and about and it snows. What I'm trying to get at here, is that ice scrapers are useful for EVERYONE that lives in a cold/snowy climate and drives a vehicle. Even those of us fortunate enough to have a garage.

Who buys promo ice scrapers, and why do I think ice scrapers are such great giveaways?

  • If you provide car insurance, ice scrapers with your logo and phone number are a great welcome gift for new customers.
  • Ice scrapers are also a favorite with businesses concerned with safety and security. They reinforce the idea that you're protecting your customer.
  • Schools and colleges with commuters and faculty love ice scrapers too.
  • Don't fit into the first few categories? Are you a business owner with employees who commute to and from your office? Ice scrapers can make a thoughtful holiday gift.
  • Basically, if you live somewhere cold and own a vehicle, an ice scraper is a MUST HAVE item.

Think this might work for you? Below are some of my favorites. 


Telescoping Ice Scraper With Brush

Perfect for the car, this telescoping ice scraper features an aluminum handle, premium brush, and detachable handheld ice scraper.


Light Up Ice Scaper

Featuring a powerful LED light and available in 4 colors, this ice scraper is ideal for clearing windshields early in the morning or late at night. 


Pocket Ice Scrapers

Approximately the size of a business card, this pocket ice scraper is portable, functional, and extremely affordable. A great winter promotion.


Fleece Ice Scraper Mitt

This premium fleece-lined ice scraper mitt will keep your hands warm. Available in Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Purple, and Orange


Long Boy Ice Scraper & Brush

Featuring a snow brush and wooden handle, the Long Boy is one of the most popular ice scrapers we carry. Great for SUV and truck owners.


Dynamo Ice Scraper

Available in blue or white, this compact classic ice scraper gets the job done and doesn't take up a lot of space. Add your logo for a great giveaway! 


Ice Scraper Hand Mitten

Forget your gloves? Don't worry! This ice scraper features a lambs wool lined hand mitten to keep snow and ice off your hands.  


Heavy Duty Ice Scraper

This heavy duty ice scraper comes with a strong blade that will remove frost, ice, and snow from any car window. Has a clear blade and solid-color body.

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