Woman drinking a green smoothie through a reusable straw

Promotional Reusable Straws

Looking for the next trendy marketing giveaway? Customized reusable straws are one of the hottest products of the year.

Recently we've seen bans on single-use plastic bags, and now we're seeing states, counties, and towns banning single-use plastic straws as well. This has left restaurants, juice bars, and coffee shops scrambling to figure out how to replace them.

Right now, the most popular single-use straw alternatives are:

  1. Drink directly from your cup.
  2. Paper straws.
  3. Bring your own reusable straw.

If you're like me - a conditioned straw user, switching to drinking directly from a cup is a huge and often unwanted change. Paper straws are awful because if you let your drink sit for more than a few minutes, you've got a soggy mess.

Which means the least terrible option puts the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the consumer. if we want a good experience, we're going to have to start bringing our own reusable straws. This change in behavior has sparked one of the hottest promotional trends since the fidget spinner.

What types of reusable straws do you recommend?

We carry paper straws, but I typically recommend straws made from silicone or metal.

Why do people prefer metal and silicone to paper?

Metal and silicone straws are easy to useeasy to clean, reusable, and they're portable. Plus, silicone straws feel similar to plastic, so the transition isn't as drastic.

Are reusable straws affordable?

Yes, silicone straws start at just over $2 per straw, and well under $2 if you buy in large quantities. Metal straws cost more but have a premium feel to match the additional cost.

Can you add a logo and messaging to reusable straws?

With the recommended products below, the packaging is imprinted, but the straw is not. In all cases, you'll want to keep and reuse the packaging since you'll be taking these straws with you on the go.

Who are reusable straws good for?

Straws make a great promotion for just about anyone. Of course, they make sense for restaurants, coffee shops, and juice bars, but any eco-conscious business looking for a green marketing giveaway could consider these.


Silicone Straw in Case

These colorful silicone straws come with an imprinted silicone travel case for easy storage and portability. Add your logo and you've got a great green marketing giveaway. 


Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw Kit

This stainless steel option comes in 7 popular colors, and features a silicon tip, wire cleaning brush, and a travel case with caribiner for easy transportation. 


Silicone Straw with Travel Case

Another silicone option in 5 hot colors, this reusable straw features a round transparent black travel case with a metal chain. 

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