Promotion Phone Wallets Buyers Guide

Promotional Phone Wallets – Buyers Guide

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Rachel Leone

Custom cell phone wallets are still a hot promotion!

We've been selling custom cell phone wallets for years and they're still one of the most popular (and affordable) giveaways I carry.

Why do my clients love cellphone wallets as a promotional giveaway?

  • Maybe it's because we all have cell phones and wallets, so they're a great "one-size-fits-all promotion.
  • Or maybe it's the low price point for many of these

Either way, the popularity of these products is showing no sign of slowing.

What's hot with cell phone wallets? Colors and customizations! 

Many of these wallets come in a variety of colors all with custom logo imprinting available. We're even seeing materials and features like kickstands, earbud holders, special mounting clips, and even official Pop Sockets.

One of the coolest cell phone wallets we carry works with Apple's MagSafe to securely and magnetically adhere to your phone. The beauty of this type of system is that the wallet can quickly be removed so you can take advantage of wireless charging.


Custom MagSafe Card Holder

Starting in 2020, all iPhones feature MagSafe connectors and this custom card holder works seamlessly with iPhone 12 and up. Available, in Black, White, Gray, and Red.


Silicone Phone Wallet w/ Earbud Loops

Available in over 20 trendy colors, this silicone phone wallet features loops for keeping your wireless earbuds safe.


PopSockets PopWallet+

Take a PopSocket and add a convenient pocket for cash, licenses, and credit cards and you get this extremely desirable giveaway.


Silicone Card Holder w/ Ring Stand

Add a metal ring phone holder/stand to a custom silicone cell phone wallet and you have a functional, affordable, promotional giveaway.


Double Pocket Silicone Wallet

What's better than a single pocket on a silicone wallet? Two pockets! Fits most phones and comes in your of 25 popular colors! 


Classic Silicone Wallet

This classic silicone cell phone wallet starts well under $1 per piece and comes in a wide range of hot corporate colors. 


Leather Accent Card Holder

Made from genuine leather, this premium 2.75"x4" card holder features gray, red, or blue accent stitching and pocket and an embossed imprint.  


Silicone Wallet w/ Stand

Available in 12 colors and featuring a handy fold-out kickstand, this silicone wallet is a great giveaway that doesn't cost a fortune.


Silicone Wallet w/ Stylus

This clever 3-in-1 silicone wallet comes with a stylus that can bend to transform into a kickstand. Holds up to 3 cards. Stylus works on all devices. 


Auto Air Vent Magnetic Phone Wallet

Ideal for commuters, this 2-piece magnetic backed card holder mounts securely to the auto vent clip for easy hands-free calls and navigation.


Phone Wallet w/ Earbuds

Featuring matching wired earbuds and a kickstand, this useful giveaway helps to keep you organized! Available in 7 colors. 

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