Touchless Sanitary Keys

Touchless Sanitary Keys

Touchless sanitary keys are the hottest way to avoid contact with germs and bacteria.

I don't need to get into stats or reference the news to remind you that keeping your hands clean is as important as ever these days.

Problem: What if you need to open and close doors and cabinets or push buttons or keypads, and you don't have access to a pair of gloves?

Solution: This lightweight, durable, acrylic key is the perfect tool for the job! Available in quantities as low as 100 pieces and starting under $3 per item, this is an affordable and practical giveaway for clients and employees.

Why choose touchless sanitary keys as your next promotion?

  • Customizable. Because they're made from black acrylic, we can easily laser engrave your company logo, phone number, web address, and/or marketing messages!
  • Portable. Not only are these sanitary keys lightweight and compact, but they feature a cutout for attaching a split ring (sold separately) making them a great key chain accessory.
  • Desirable. Whether there's a global pandemic or just the cold/flu season, sanitary keys are looking like they'll just be part of the new normal.
  • Thoughtful. Choosing giveaways designed to promote healthy lifestyles is just another way to show recipients that your brand cares.
  • Reasonably priced. Starting under $3 per item, sanitary keys are relatively affordable.
Touchless Black Acrylic Sanitary Key

Touchless sanitary keys are a great way to keep your hands clean in public and can help slow the spread of germs and bacteria. 



Note: Due to limited production capacity, samples are not available.