UV-C Sanitizing Products

UV Sanitizing Products

UV-C sanitizing products are a trendy new product category!

With the global pandemic of 2020, we've seen a tremendous rise in the popularity of promotional items like masks, disinfectants, sanitary keys, and bacteria resistant products. The next big trend I'm seeing is UV-C products for deep cleaning things like mobile phones, jewelry, watches, headphones, and more!

What types of UV-C promotional items are available?

While there are a handful of items like light wands and USB light sticks, UV-C boxes and bags (which work by enclosing objects and provide longer direct exposure) seem to be the most effective according to what I've read on the FDA's website.

The three UV-C products I've selected below have similar costs, but their sizes and features are what sets them apart. I'll make sure to keep updating this post as newer products become available over time. Even without a global pandemic, it's never a bad thing to sanitize objects, especially during cold and flu season.

Wireless Charger with UV-C Chamber

The perfect size for a cell phone, this UV-C product lets you choose between quick clean and deep clean modes. It also features a 5v wireless charger making it a perfect gift for just about everyone. 

Collapsible UV-C Sanitizing Bag

This UV-C sanitizing bag is an excellent choice for people on-the-go. While it doesn't feature a wireless phone charger, it's larger yet collapsible making it extremely versatile!

UV-C Sling Bag

If you carry a lot of larger items, tools, or spare clothes, this sling-style chest bag is a great option. It doesn't feature an imprint, but its size and shape make it a really great choice. 

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