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I've worked with Rachel for 10 years, and I'm continually impressed by her ability to solve problems, implement creative strategies, and manage a team. Rachel supports our marketing agency and offers valuable recommendations that fit best with our needs.

Alicia Williams
Alicia Williams

Rachel has decades of practical experience in event marketing and trade show operations, knowing what it takes to design and deliver solutions to keep customers coming back for more. She is thorough, trustworthy, and fun to work with.

Robin Samora
Robin Samora

Rachel really gets it. Her professionalism and focus on you the customer is first-rate! I ordered some Yeti-style tumblers with my logo, they turned out great and my customers love them!

Justin Moran
Juston Moran
Local Guide

Rachel helped me select every item I had hoped for and made sure I would receive everything in time for our events. In addition, she tracked the shipping and delivery and checked in with me to ensure everything was received. The swag was very good quality, and everyone loved it!

Sarah Doten
Sarah Doten

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High-End Custom promotional products

High End Custom Gifts

Your customers, prospects, and employees will love these high-end custom gifts! When it’s time to let someone know that you genuinely appreciate them, we carry many high-end custom gifts guaranteed to delight recipients. High-end promotional products are perfect for new relationships, big sales, and celebrating milestones. While we carry thousands of premium products for any special…

Tips & resources

Do PMS Colors Really Matter?

When I work with clients and ask for their PMS colors to match their logo on promotional items, they always ask: “What’s a PMS color?” Well, here’s the fascinating definition: PMS stands for Pantone Matching System (not that other PMS). This PMS is a proprietary color system used in a variety of industries – primarily…

Screen Printing vs. Embroidery – What’s the Best Option?

My clients routinely ask me if they should choose embroidery or screen printing for their logo’d clothing and promotional items. Here’s my answer. I recommend that for corporate clothing, companies should choose embroidery.  Why? It looks nicer and the color on the logo stands out and conveys a quality brand. For shirts, hats and other…

Does Traditional Advertising Still Work?

How do you stand out in a busy digital advertising landscape? These 5 traditional advertising methods still work like a charm! 1 Promotional Products I am slightly biased, but promotional products have been shown to help businesses gain favor with prospects and improve brand awareness. Imprinted products are memorable, held on to for long periods…

5 Strategies & Products to Build a Winning Brand Identity

Building a winning brand identity is difficult, but these 5 easy tips (and products) can make it easier. When it comes to branding it’s important to understand that your “brand identity” is being shaped every minute of every day with or without your participation. No one single element makes up your brand. Your brand is…

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