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Best Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Clients – Chocolate

Holiday Chocolates

Last Call for Holiday Gifts!

The holidays are upon us and I'm here to tell you that the best last minute holiday gift for clients is chocolate! 

Who doesn’t love chocolate, right? I know I do and love to indulge this time of year! If you’re looking for a last minute holiday gift for your clients, reach out and let’s make it happen! The deadline for holiday orders is December 9th.

While you're last minute gift shopping, consider these brand building strategies.


Seek to Stir Emotions
Trigger emotions through marketing and branding campaigns. Branding and marketing aren’t about selling products or services. It’s all about how your brand makes someone feel.


Tell a Strong Brand Story
The key to stirring the right kind of emotions lies in creating exciting stories. Tell your customers how you’re making their lives easier and their marketing efforts more successful with a compelling story.


Know Your Customer, Know Yourself
Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Why should they invest in your products or services? What makes you unique and puts you in a better position than your competition? Knowing this will empower you to make an impact.


Slow and Steady Does It
Does your brand identity convey your image consistently – online, offline and in person? Mixed messages always cause confusion. Take your time to make sure all of your marketing materials are in synch and Brand On!


Nail the Logo
Your logo is one of the most critical elements of your brand. It communicates who you are, what you do and elicits an emotion – good, bad or just neutral. Go for a positive reaction! Check out other logos you like and create a swipe file. You may want to update yours as you grow your business.

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Products of the Week!

Custom Chocolate Holiday Gift Box with 8 Truffles
Custom Chocolate with 8 Truffles Holiday Gift Box. This chocolate gift box with 8 truffles and a fully customizable chocolate bar is beyond perfect as a holiday promotion. Immerse yourself in pure, truffle decadence, enjoyed in either milk or dark chocolate.
Gift Box 8pc Milk Chocolate Meltaways w/ Ribbon

Show your clients your sweet side with our eight-piece milk chocolate meltaways gift box with ribbon. This decadent item comes neatly packaged in a gold gift box decorated with an imprinted ribbon. Customize with your company name and logo to enhance brand visibility and create an ideal corporate gift on incentive to hand out at upcoming tradeshows and conventions. 

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