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Popular Slogans for Promotional Products

Looking for a new way to draw attention? Try pairing one of these popular marketing slogans with these types of promotional products! We like to make sure our clients stay cutting edge at events and stand out in the market place while promoting their brand. In need of an idea for a catchy phrase for…

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How to Engage Customers

How to Engage Customers Without a Diamond Ring

I think we can all agree that it’s really difficult to engage customers. Lucky for you, I have seven proven strategies that are perfect for engaging your customers, even without a diamond ring! These seven techniques were so popular they even got published on the Trade Show News Network. Check out the full article after…

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Promotional Fitness Products

Fitness Products to Get Your Marketing in Shape

Want some great fitness products to get your marketing in shape? Remember, you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to appreciate or use any of these items. They’re popular for anyone who’s on-the-go, in the office and everywhere in between. Check out a few of my favorites (and my client’s) and imagine showing off…

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Market Your Company with Branded USB Flash Drives

Market Your Company With Branded USB Flash Drives

Looking for fun, new hip items for your next gig? Whether you’re at a trade show, client meeting, networking event or simply mailing a thank you note to a client or prospect, printed USB flash drives with your company’s brand can get you noticed and remembered. A USB flash drive is an external flash drive,…

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How to Get More Likes for Your Company’s Facebook Page

It’s important to have an engaged community to achieve success on Facebook! You can’t simple create a page and hope you’ll get traction you need to be proactive. Make sure you attract the right audience, it not about the quantity of Facebook likes, it about the quality. Your audience should be aligned to your business…

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Master the Art to Finding the Right Referrals

Referrals are an important part of any successful business and shouldn’t be overlooked. Referrals don’t just happen, though that would be wonderful. You need to be creative, persistent and implement a strategy to generate them. Are you providing exceptional customer service, going above and beyond and leaving your clients impressed? If so it’s time to…

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Marketing to Millenials

Marketing to Millennials

What’s the Best Way to Market to Millenials and Gain Their Loyalty? There’s lots of talk these days about how to market to Millennials because they’re so unique. They’re our first digital generation and have a significant impact on the current and upcoming workforce. They are adults born between the years of 1980 and 2000.…

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