Popular Slogans for Promotional Products title with woman wearing purple oven mitt with "Here to give you a hand" on it.

Popular Slogans for Promotional Products

Last Updated on December 6, 2022 by Rachel Leone

Popular Slogans for Promotional Products title with woman wearing purple oven mitt with "Here to give you a hand" on it.

Attract more customers with these popular slogans and matching promo items!

Pairing promotional items with clever slogans is a tried and true way to stand out from your competition, but being creative isn't always so easy. Below you'll find a curated list of products with matching slogan ideas to inspire your next marketing campaign.

Why add a slogan to your promotional product?

While not required, adding a slogan to a promotional product can trigger a connection, especially if your slogan is clever, funny, or memorable. Every time recipients see your swag giveaway, they'll think about your business and remember that you can "lend a hand" or "you'll always be there when they need you." Slogans can kick up a marketing campaign and drive home the message.

For instance, I had a client send boxing glove-shaped stress balls with a logo and a custom message about how their prices were knocking out the competition. It was a clever and memorable handout that perfectly fit their marketing campaign for the year.

Below you'll find a few slogans ideas and matching products I've brainstormed and paired for you. You're welcome to use any of these ideas for your next marketing campaign or get inspired to get your creative juices flowing.

Need more help? Let's work together to brainstorm the perfect slogan for your next giveaway!

Available in various colors, these mini-webcam covers fit most tablets and laptops. These are perfect giveaways for conferences, co-working spaces, IT companies, schools, banks, and more!

  • Looking out for you
  • Privacy is our #1 concern
  • Keeping you safe

Add your business's logo and slogan to America's favorite hard candy for a winning marketing giveaway this year. Ideal for trade shows, advertising, and corporate events. Pairs nicely with these catchy slogans.

  • People say we're lifesavers
  • We think you're pretty sweet
  • Let us "save" you a few bucks

This tin of gourmet jelly beans is "sweet" gift recipients will love. Add your logo, message, and even a custom photo to this rectangular tin for your next marketing campaign.

  • Delicious deals inside
  • Good things come in small packages
  • It's "bean" a while since we've seen you

Available in 4 popular colors, these custom logo oven mitts are a great way to show your customers your business will always be there to protect or lend a hand when needed. Oven mitts pair with these slogans.

  • We’ve got you covered
  • Lending a hand
  • We're here to protect you

Cell phone wallets are a functional promotional product because everyone owns a cell phone. These soft silicone versions come in 7 hot colors and securely hold cash and cards. Pair with these slogans for a great giveaway at your next event.

  • Here to stay
  • We stick with you
  • We'll never leave your side

When you run out of juice, it's good to have a power bank handy to charge your devices. This affordable 2200 mAh device is a terrific way to promote your brand and pairs well with these slogans.

  • Always ready when you need us
  • Keeping you powered on
  • Thank you for taking charge

This 5-in-1 set features green, pink, yellow, blue, and orange highlighters packed in a convenient pocket case. Excellent for trade shows and academic events! Add your logo and pair it with one of these slogans.

  • The highlight of the day
  • Our service is our highlight
  • Highlighting our services

Available in four colors and featuring a frosted plastic case, these custom logo playing cards can be printed with your business's logo and message. These cards pair well with these slogans.

  • The best "deal" in town
  • Holding all the cards
  • We want to be your wild card

This popular metal LED flashlight features a rubber on/off button on the base and packs a punch with it's nine super bright LEDs. Available in Black, Blue, Gunmetal, and Red. Pairs well with these slogans.

  • Let us brighten your day
  • Shine a light on us
  • There for you when you need us most

Popular with my construction, surveyor, interior designer, and real estate clients, this multi-function tape measure features a 10' tape, notepad, pen, level, and belt clip. Customize with your brand's logo and pair with a slogan.

  • We measure up
  • The full measure of value
  • We'll always be straight with you

This promotional spatula comes in your choice of red, blue, or green, and features a silicone grip and matching paddle. Add a custom logo to the grip and pair it with one of these clever slogans for your next giveaway.

  • Here to serve our customers
  • Look what’s cooking
  • Mix things up this year!