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Man wearing truly wireless earbuds

Custom Truly Wireless Earbuds

One of the hottest promotional products are these truly wireless earbuds. Starting at roughly $25 per set, these modern Bluetooth earbuds look similar to Apple AirPods but cost hundreds of dollars less, and they still pack many great features. These earbuds even come with one important feature you’ll never find on a pair of Apple…

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5 Popular Promotional Wireless Headphones

The 5 Most Popular Promotional Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones, No Strings Attached Purchased a new phone and realizing you’re missing the headphone jack? If you did, your next investment should be a pair of wireless headphones! Wireless earphones remove the dangling cable and make each earpiece its own listening device, automatically synching with the other. We love them because they’re gym friendly,…

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