Custom fans for summer

Custom Promotional Fans

Last Updated on July 2, 2024 by Rachel Leone

Custom fans for summer

Custom promotional fans for your biggest fans!

Keep recipients cool and comfortable this summer with personalized fans promoting your brand! If your audience values comfort and unique expression, they'll love custom fans, which offer a "cool" blend of functionality and flair. Whether it's handheld or desktop, paper or electric, these versatile fans offer a refreshing way to showcase your brand.

Why fans for your brand?

  • Practical: Fans are practical and useful, especially during warm weather or in crowded events. Their functionality ensures that recipients will use them regularly, keeping your brand in view.
  • Highly Visible: Custom fans offer ample space for your logo and messaging, making your brand the center of attention whenever the fan is used.
  • Versatile: With various types of fans available, you can choose the style that best fits your brand and target audience.
  • Cost-Effective: Custom fans start at as little as $2 each, making them a cost-effective promotional item that can be distributed in large quantities without breaking your budget.
  • Memorable: Fans are a unique promotional item that stands out from more common giveaways like pens or mugs, so they are more memorable and likely to leave a lasting impression.

Below is a sampling of the thousands of custom logo fans you can purchase on my store. 

This mini fan plugs right into a cell phone with a lightning or micro-USB connection for cooling down anywhere you need to. Available in 6 fun colors.

Min. Quantity 200, ≤ $2.05 ea.

These handheld cardstock fans can be made in any shape you want to display your brand and message, and can be printed on both sides!

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $2.35 ea.

These popular fans are made from bamboo and paper, and fold closed for easy storage and transportation. Available in 9 bright colors.

Min. Quantity 500, ≤ $2.50 ea.

This cute mini fan, available in 4 trendy colors, has a convenient, lightweight design. It's powered by USB, so you can plug it right into a computer, power bank, or other power supply.

Min. Quantity 50, ≤ $6.25 ea.

This little fan is perfect for on-the-go. Clip it onto anything and use its battery power whenever you need it. It has 3 adjustable speeds and a built-in flashlight!

Min. Quantity 240, ≤ $8.20 ea.

These adorable little fans have 3 speed settings, come in 3 sweet colors, and double as a power bank!

Min. Quantity 50, ≤ $14.60 ea.

This fan is great for staying plugged in at a desk, or charging it up and letting it run wirelessly for up to 15 hours! 4 speed options to choose from, and a great desk accessory to show your appreciation.

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $22.20 ea.

This trending fan is excellent for those who want to stay cool hands-free. Available in 4 colors.

Min. Quantity 120, ≤ $22.85 ea.

This might be the desk accessory to end all desk accessories. A fan with an adjustable stem to position however you want, a bright white LED ring light, and a wireless phone charger, all in one!

Min. Quantity 25, ≤ $43.75 ea.