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The Beer Blizzard – Trending Promotional Product

Beer Blizzard Trending Promotional Product

Keep your beverages cold all summer long!

Don't let the name fool you, the Beer Blizzard, isn't JUST for beer. This clever promotion works with all 12 oz. cans!

You're probably wondering, "What is a Beer Blizzard, and why is it a "Trending" promotional item?".

The Beer Blizzard (Featured on ABC's Shark Tank) is a plastic ice cube designed to fit on the bottom of any 12 oz. can (soda, seltzer or beer). It's designed to help keep your beverage cool for up to an hour. To use it, just freeze, then pop it in the bottom of any Koozie, and enjoy a colder beverage! When your Beer Blizzard disc finally warms up, just refreeze and use it over and over again.

What makes the Beer Blizzard such a great promotional item is that it's can be combined with a personalized Koozie to create a fun and functional summer promotion! And because you can just refreeze and reuse, your brand will be top of mind drink after drink, all summer long!

What types of events are Beer Blizzards great for?
  • Corporate Outings that take place during the summer like picnics and cruises.
  • Summer Conferences where cans of refreshments are distributed to attendees.
  • Outdoor Festivals and Concerts where patrons are looking to cool down.
  • Commencements, Graduation Parties, Alumni Reunions and College Orientations.
  • Sporting Events or outdoor Company Leagues like softball and kickball.

Ready to Buy?

Beer Blizzard®

Designed to fit into the bottom of 12 oz. can on the market, just freeze the Beer Blizzard, pop it in the bottom of any can Koozie® and enjoy a colder beverage from the first sip to the last. When the disc finally warms up, just pop it back in the freezer to use it over and over again! Must order in dozens. Requires a can cooler.

Original Koozie Can Kooler®

The perfect complement for your Beer Blizzard! The original Koozie Can Kooler is available in multiple colors to match your brand. This can cooler measures 3 3/8" w x 3 7/8" h. With free 24 hour service, this giveaway gets your brand seen everywhere users go. It's perfect for any business, project, outing or event. 

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