School Spirit Essentials: Promotional Product Must-Haves

School Spirit Essentials

Last Updated on April 7, 2023 by Rachel Leone

School Spirit Essentials: Promotional Product Must-Haves

Rah Rah! Boost Your School Spirit with These Products

Whether you're a student, alumni, or faculty member, these items will help you proudly represent your school. From stylish t-shirts to fun foam fingers, we've got you covered. So, get inspired by our curated list and shop my online store to purchase your school spirit must-haves today!

How do schools boost spirits with promotional products?

  • Orientation and back to school - Custom-branded giveaways for incoming students and welcome-back presents are great ways to create school pride. Branded notebooks or pens are two good choices.
  • Special event giveaways - Create custom t-shirts for school events like spirit week, pep rallies, and sports games. Imagine a sea of students all wearing the same colored shirt!
  • Gameday throws - Use branded water bottles, sweatshirts, and custom tees as a giveaway during school athletic events.
  • Alumni gifts - When alumni come back to school, show your appreciation by keeping branded tchotchkes at the alumni center. Magnets, keychains, phone wallets, and stickers are affordable gifts.
  • Job fairs and school visits - When your admissions staff visit high schools distribute branded backpacks to students for carrying school supplies and showing off school pride.
  • On-campus activities - Give out branded hats or caps during outdoor events and activities like graduation to parents and family to protect them from the sun and promote school spirit.
  • Gameday spirit - Custom foam fingers as a giveaway during sports events to boost school spirit and team morale. Distribute these and encourage students to bring them to every home game.
  • Field trips - Colorful school tee shirts and custom drawstring bags are perfect for field trips and an easy way for chaperones to identify younger students.

Nothing gets people more excited than waving around a giant foam finger in support of their school. Foam fingers are a great way to show off school spirit at rallies, games, and other school events.

Min. Quantity 30, ≤ $10.00 ea.

Keep your students and faculty hydrated while promoting school spirit with customized water bottles. These stainless steel tumblers are available in lime, blue, red, white, silver, or black. Add your school's logo or mascot and distribute as an orientation gift or have a few on hand for alumni visits.

Min. Quantity 72, ≤ $10.00 ea.

Practical and popular with older students, each silicone phone wallet can be customized with your school's name or logo. These affordable gifts are a creative way to boost school spirit!

Min. Quantity 150, ≤ $2.00 ea.

Backpacks are a must-have for any student. Customize these affordable drawstring backpacks with your school's colors, name, and/or logo! Makes a great handout at school visits and orientation.

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $5.50 ea.

These Gildan Sweatshirts are available in 30+ colors and are a fantastic way to pump up any crowd on game day. Add your school's mascot and have the cheer team toss to fans in the crowd during timeouts.

Min. Quantity 72, ≤ $36.00 ea.

Football is a classic way to build school spirit, whether in the parking lot before a big game or just tossing around the quad. These mini footballs are a fun, affordable giveaway perfect for students or alumni.

Min. Quantity 300, ≤ $10.00 ea.

You've seen these at games, rallies, and other school events. Rally towels are a fun and practical way to show off school spirit. Customize them with your school's name or logo, and watch as students wave them around with pride.

Min. Quantity 100, ≤ $4.50 ea.

Every student needs pencils, so why not make them a source of school pride? Customize your pencil with your school's name and motto and watch as students proudly use them in class.

Min. Quantity 200, ≤ $0.20 ea.

Customized school spirit shirts are a great way to show off your pride at games, rallies, and other school events. They can be designed with your school's colors, name, mascot, or special event graphics like midnight madness, spring weekend, or senior week.

Min. Quantity 96, ≤ $9.50 ea.

With college-age students, lanyards are a practical way for students and faculty to keep their IDs and keys handy. Seeing others on campus with the same lanyard creates a sense of unity and community.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $3.20 ea.