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4 Event Marketing Mistakes You'll Want to Avoid - Hero Photo of woman afraid

4 Event Marketing Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

By Rachel Leone | Nov 21, 2017

Most people write emails without a second thought – never worrying about their effectiveness. But, event marketing emails are a whole different game! There are tons of mistakes you can make promoting an event. Not only have to catch someone’s attention, but you need to establish a relationship and prompt them into taking action. None…

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Personalized Holiday Gifts for Clients or Employees

Personalized Holiday Gifts for Clients or Employees

By Rachel Leone | Nov 14, 2017

Searching for great personalized holiday gifts to get your clients or employees this year? Here are my top 5 trends for tasteful, stylish and useful holiday gifts your clients and employees will actually want! At Leone Marketing Solutions, we stay on top of the latest trends to make it easy to start your corporate holiday shopping. Order today and…

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Personalized Gifts for Your Boss

The Best Personalized Gifts for Your Boss

By Rachel Leone | Nov 7, 2017

Do CEO’s Like Gifts? They Sure Do! Favorite gifts come in all shapes and sizes from a framed picture to a small box. And, what’s in that small box may please even the fussiest CEO! One person’s favorite gift may be mass-produced while another is personalized. Some might be high-quality versus practical, others big in…

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Branded Qi Wireless Chargers for Iphone

5 Awesome Branded Qi Wireless Chargers for Your New iPhone

By Rachel Leone | Oct 31, 2017

Finally, new iPhones have arrived! And, with new iPhones, come compatible branded Qi wireless chargers! No more frantic searching for a plug when your battery is running low. This wireless technology, Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) allows charging over short distances without cables. Think about the advantages!  First, it’s easy and quick to charge your phone wirelessly,…

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10 Unique Promotional Pens

10 Unique Promotional Pens We Love

By Rachel Leone | Oct 24, 2017

Believe it or not pens are still a big seller in the promotional products world. We love promotional pens because they’re an effective marketing tool for a business of any size. Think of pens when you want an affordable, easily branded, portable giveaway. Plus, if you’re on a budget, they provide an excellent return on…

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Personalized Umbrellas Make a Great Giveaway

Personalized Umbrellas Make a Great Give Away

By Rachel Leone | Oct 17, 2017

Want a Lasting Marketing Product That Has Staying Power? Think Umbrellas! They’re the perfect billboard to advertise your brand. Tons of color and size options – they are great VIP incentive to give out at events and trade shows. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve been caught in a rain storm…

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7 Promotional Items Your Brand Should Have Hero Image

7 Promotional Items Your Brand Should Have

By Rachel Leone | Oct 10, 2017

Some people call them promotional items, but I like to call them Tchotchkes. What exactly is a tchotchke? Marketers have been buying them for years. Basically, they’re items or small ‘baubles’ that are given away. Promotional company’s like mine, have expanded the term to be marketing giveaways that not only keep brands top of mind,…

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Market Your Company with Branded USB Flash Drives

Market Your Company With Branded USB Flash Drives

By Rachel Leone | Oct 3, 2017

Looking for fun, new hip items for your next gig? Whether you’re at a trade show, client meeting, networking event or simply mailing a thank you note to a client or prospect, printed USB flash drives with your company’s brand can get you noticed and remembered. A USB flash drive is an external flash drive,…

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How to Get More Likes for Your Company’s Facebook Page

By Rachel Leone | Sep 21, 2017

It’s important to have an engaged community to achieve success on Facebook! You can’t simple create a page and hope you’ll get traction you need to be proactive. Make sure you attract the right audience, it not about the quantity of Facebook likes, it about the quality. Your audience should be aligned to your business…

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