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4 Event Marketing Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

Last Updated on December 17, 2019 by Rachel Leone

Most people write emails without a second thought – never worrying about their effectiveness.

But, event marketing emails are a whole different game!

There are tons of mistakes you can make promoting an event. Not only have to catch someone’s attention, but you need to establish a relationship and prompt them into taking action.

None of these tips are rocket science, but far too often people forget that people read emails and are marketed to everyday. Avoid these pitfalls and give more time to your next email marketing campaign to attract an event audience that’s eager to like, know and trust you – and buy.

These are my top 4 event marketing mistakes you'll want to avoid.


Avoid Self-Centered Subject Matter

Event marketing emails should always provide something of value to the recipients. Of course, you want people to come to your booth or check out your online offer, but what’s in it for them? (WIFM) For a better success rate, consider providing an enticing offer that will make prospects and customers show up. Maybe 10 percent off an immediate purchase or VIP gift distributed at the booth? Be sure to provide something of value, that they’ll like. Not what you like.


Don't Send Too Many Emails
How many emails are too many? Once a week? Three times a month? If you’re promoting a specific event, build an email campaign that starts a minimum of three months before the event then back it up with social media that your target market reads and responds to. Start emails off slowly, then add frequency as you get closer to the date. Don’t hound possible attendees or turn them off with constant messaging. Do keep them updated with what’s going on in a pleasant upbeat manner. Create interest and engage your audience.


Stop Sending Confusing Content

Marketers tend to cram too many messages into one email, confusing the reader. The best event marketing emails contain one clear call to action and a single campaign message per email is enough for a single touch point. If your message is a to do list or tells your reader to buy this, follow that, click here you’ll overwhelm your audience. Avoid the delete button and keep it simple.


Remove Visual Clutter

The most effective emails are clearly written and include crisp, fresh graphics and design. The goal is to attract the eye and deliver a message so that it’s understood quickly. If you’ve done your job, your readers will want to know more about your event (and products and services). If they want to know more, they’ve given you permission to be in their sales funnel.

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