Branded Apparel - How to dress for trade show success!

How to Dress for Trade Show Success

Last Updated on December 17, 2019 by Rachel Leone

Branded apparel for trade shows can boost your brand's reputation, increase your sales, and make you feel great.

If you want to dress for success at your next trade show, expo or conference, I have a few tips I can share. By purposefully choosing the right cloths (imprints, styles and colors), you have an opportunity to influence thousands of potential customers in a positive way. Plus you'll feel great because you'll know you look your best!

Trade show talk is trade show talk no matter what industry you're in, but you may have an edge if you take the time to consider your appearance on the show floor.

TIP 1: Your clothing choices should enhance your brand. From a color sense, if your corporate colors are blue and orange and you're wearing green and yellow shirts, that’s a huge problem! Other things to consider are: your corporate personality, booth design and the tone of the trade show.

Tip 2: Everyone at your booth represents your brand, so be sure your shirts are clean, neatly pressed, and everyone should be wearing matching apparel with the latest approved logo. And of course, wear a style of apparel that matches the style of your brand. If you're selling luxury goods, dress accordingly.

TIP 3: Faded or stained shirt speaks volumes about your brand. You don’t want your team looking sloppy, tired or wrinkled, do you? Purchase new high quality apparel often, and give employees a few extras to keep on hand, so they're not wearing the same smelly shirt day after day.

BONUS TIP: Don’t forget to tell everyone to wear comfortable shoes! Long hours on the show floor mean you need good footwear. I recommend Clarks® brand shoes.

Dressing for success when you’re an exhibitor at a trade show is all about sending the right message your potential customer. Be consistent with your wardrobe choices (colors and styles). Determine if your brand wants to "fit it" or "stand out" from the crowd. And above all choose quality and keep things clean and professional.

There are literally thousands of choices when it comes to shirts, vests, socks and jackets for your trade show, so feel free to contact me for one-on-one help.

If you're looking for a few quick suggestions, below are two of my most popular shirts. 


Whisper Elite Twill Shirt

These wrinkle-free, 55/45 cotton/polyester shirts have an expandable comfort collar and are available for men and women. I love the women's fitted fashionable look. 


Cool & Dry Performance Polos

These polos are made from a micro-textured polyester knit and have tons of great features. They maintain shape and wick moisture to keep you fresh on the trade show floor. 

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