Popular Promotional Giveaways

The Most Popular Promotional Giveaways 2017 Results

Every year, we love to track the most popular giveaways for events, trade shows and incentives.

How do we get this information? From our clients, of course!

First, let’s outline expectations. Everyone wants a WOW factor at their booth, so the giveaway has to outweigh the convenience of carrying it home. But, that doesn’t mean the item has to be super small. If your premium is bigger than a deck of cards, it better be worth packing in your suitcase.

My clients also want to be sure their premium can be used long after the event is over, so that’s a consideration too. And, it has to make a lasting impression and be of value. No one likes collecting or giving junk.

A few other factors? The promotional item has to fit the goal and budget, and the branding imprint has to look professional and have staying power. Remember, it’s not just about the cool factor.  Premiums have an important role and function in event marketing.  So, it’s our job to make sure they work!

Drum roll please for the winners of the most popular promotional giveaways 2017 results:

Sticky Note Cases

One of everyone’s favorites are Sticky Note Cases. This one includes a pen and mirror. It's convenient size makes easy to make sure you have nothing in your teeth before a meeting while jotting down notes! Millennials love these!

Travel Mugs

Next up is my favorite, a travel mug! These 16 oz. Omega travel mugs can keep drinks cold or hot for hours depending on what your drinking that day and are spill resistant. Wouldn’t they love to see your branded mug in your car cup holder.

Cell Phone Wallets

The cell phone wallet was a huge hit in 2016 and it makes the top list again in 2017. Many of my clients reported they were so popular, they ran out at conferences. That’s a telltale sign they were perceived as valuable.


Believe it or not notebooks were also on the thumbs-up list along with stylus pens. Even with all our technology, people still like to write (I like writing lists) and found paper and pens of value.

Runners Up

A couple of other popular promotional giveaways my clients liked last year. Just off the main list were Branded Desk Caddys and Power Banks. Both products leave a positive first impression.

What will make the list in 2018?

We won’t know until next year, but you can influence the list by giving me a call!

Products of the Week!

Prism Diamond Award

Show your employees just how much you appreciate them with our Prism Diamond Award. This stylish and dazzling accolade is multi-faceted with angles that offer great dichroic reflections throughout, exuding a rainbow of colors. Perfect for banquets, receptions and other employee recognition ceremonies, our product can be customized by etching your company name and logo, event and award title, recipient's name and more.

Mesh Sports Cap

Custom made sport mesh cap with embroidery on bill. Pre-curved bill and padded sweatband for comfort. Available in White, Black, Navy, Red, Royal Blue, Burnt Orange, Orange, Mustard, Yellow, Green, Olive, Gray, Khaki, Slate, Burgundy, Pink, Cream, New Cream and Stone.

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