Definition of an expert

Why order promotional products from an expert?

Last Updated on July 18, 2022 by Rachel Leone

Definition of an expert

Need swag product with your name or logo on it?

When it comes to shopping for promotional products, many buyers start with a search. Within seconds you're flooded with results from Amazon, Google, Etsy, and other "big box" promotional product retailers who have "paid to play" or "gamed" the SEO system so much that you don't even see other suppliers exist.

Why do my customers ignore the big guys and work directly with promotional products supplier like me? 

I'm biased, but here are a few reasons I believe my customers keep working with me vs. "the big guys".

Products are products - Here's a secret that big companies don't want you to know. We all get our products from the same manufacturers. For example, a Titlist golf ball comes from the same factory regardless of who you're working with. And the same is true for promotional pens, apparel, drinkware, and nearly all swag products. So the differences you see in pricing when comparing results are often directly tied to the company's size, how much they're spending on marketing, and how large the CEO's yacht is. 

Final costs and fine print - From time to time, my clients will reach out to me because someone at their organization did a google search and discovered a "better deal" from a competing online provider. And usually, after reading the fine print and investigating, we find that our pricing is actually less expensive than that online provider. In the race to appear the cheapest, big companies have mastered the art of marketing around the fine print. Unfortunately, you discover the hidden fees and upcharges only after you go through their process, and for many, you're so committed at this point that you pull the trigger and pay more even though you thought you were getting a deal. 

Customer service - If you've ever worked with big online swag retailers and needed assistance, you probably have a horror story. I've heard these stories from my customers who have switched to me. Lack of personal attention and timely responses from these big companies leave you frustrated. That's why all my clients have my direct number and email address. When you need assistance or have questions, you get immediate help from the same person every time - Rachel Leone. My customers deserve better than automated chatbots and offshore call centers.

Proofs/Accuracy - While fast and "cheap," many online retailers like Amazon and Etsy skip the crucial step of proofing. This process is a significant benefit of working with a vendor like Leone Marketing. Not only do we provide physical and/or digital proofs anywhere in the USA, you get a second set of eyes looking at your name/logo/message to check that you didn't make a big mistake and your imprint will print perfectly. 

Honesty and reputation - As an experienced business owner and vendor, I understand that customers like speedy answers but also appreciate honest answers. You need thoughtful and detailed explanations and deserve to work with someone committed to solving problems, not just making sales. Repeat business and referrals have been a key to my success, and my reputation is at stake with every project. 

Creativity - Know what big box online retailers don't do? Work with you one-on-one to brainstorm solutions tailored to your brand, audience, and budget. Personalized products and personalized solutions keep my customers coming back. And it's my job to keep up with trends, understand supply chains and availability, and guide my customers through the entire process. And we may need to get creative with products to match budgets, timelines, and goals. And my website isn't just a shopping site - it's designed for YOU. To inspire and help you discover my customer's favorite products and give you some insights into trends and creative ways to market your business. 

I'm a human just like you - I love my work and seeing my clients succeed. If we've done business and you live in the Boston area, there's a good chance we've met face to face at some point. If you're a customer from other parts of the country, there's a 100% chance we've emailed, and we've likely spoken on the phone. The orders you've placed over the years have helped put my kids through school and pay my mortgage. But, ultimately, the choice of who you work with is up to you, faceless corporation or human. 

If you're already a customer, thank you. Or, if you're reading this and think we should work together, I encourage you to reach out and introduce yourself.