Promotional Product Trends of 2016

Want to be on the cutting edge in the New Year and impress your clients? Check out a few promotional product trends for 2016!

Selfie Sticks

I’m sure you’ve heard of the selfie stick — those telescoping wands with phone holders at the end of them so you can take endless selfies. These items are going to be a huge hit in 2016! Just make sure not to bring them to Disney because they’re not allowed! Selfie sticks are a great way to capture everyone in your group in a single photo with the ability to post easily to social media. I love that they’re also a versatile option for all kinds of audiences, budgets and work with almost any brand of smartphone. Plus, they’re available in blue tooth and non-blue tooth versions.

BPA Free Water Bottles

Health and wellness is always a focus in the New Year as people try to shed the weight as we approach the first quarter of 2016. Many employers have these on order to give to their staff in January as an incentive for them to drink water, get healthy and motivated in the New Year! Colors and styles vary so you’ll have quite a selection to choose from!

Custom Shape Towels

Custom shape towels are the newest fad in towels. With shapes from baseball jerseys to soccer balls, these custom shaped towels are an inexpensive way to get your message across to your clients and prospects. They’re perfect too for trade shows, corporate events and company picnics – plus they have a long shelf life. Pick the shape that’s right for you and get a unique promotional item with staying power!

Creative Phone Chargers

Did you know that phone chargers come in different sizes and colors? How many times have you asked for a phone charger when your phone battery was about to die? A bunch of times, I bet. People always have a need for phone chargers and the options that are available to fit your brand are amazing.  What a great way to keep your brand useful and top of mind! Check out the hundreds of options available!

Power Mobile Banks

Power mobile banks are one of the most sought after promotional items on the market today, and funny thing is, they didn’t even exist two years ago! It’s the  ultimate portable power for your phone, laptop or other devices and easy to carry and charge. Popular in the under 45 demographic, power mobile banks are a keeper for sure!